Hidden in an alleyway and decorated with art-deco furniture, Lac Thai is like a small discovery in Ho Chi Minh city. Authentic Thai cuisine, fine service and cozy ambiance were perfect for an informal meeting between scholars and their sponsored companies.

Hinrich Foundation team dinnner with scholars and adidas teams
Hinrich Foundation held a dinner night at Lac Thai restaurant.

On December 7th 2015, scholars following GPEM program in VGU in Vietnam were invited to a Get Together Night with their scholarship sponsors, including Hinrich Foundation and adidas suppliers. The main goal of this event was to create a community feeling among participants.

Hinrich Foundation partners with adidas suppliers to offer full scholarships with the aim of building up talented resources in technical and engineering fields. Passing the challenging scholarship competition, our talented scholars are highly qualified in those fields. Following their journeys to the scholarships, we know them have gone through many difficulties and experiences. The dinner was also the chances for us to update with our scholars’ study situation.

Prior to dinner, Alex Boome, Hinrich Foundation Program Director, shared with scholars about the information of the organization and the high expectation for their performance in VGU as well as upon graduation. He held firm beliefs that they would become future leaders and be linked together in the network of HFAA ( Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association)

Coming from Myanmar and Cambodia, scholars not only face difficulties in adapting with the cultural differences but also experience new challenges in study in Vietnam. Bopha Eung said, “We are usually under pressure to study intensively, each subject will be taught within one or two weeks. We are always busy with projects, presentations and final exams. This study method is really challenging as it requires a lot of concentration, but we really learn a lot.” Also, language barrier is a big problem for scholars; however, with great support from Vietnamese classmates, they have overcome communication difficulties.  The dinner was actually a perfect relief away from studying and pressure.

Eung also added that, “The GPEM program is an ideal program to follow as it offers world-class German teaching standards and a relevant manufacturing curriculum.”

The dinner was full of joys and laughter about experiences in a new country.
Going out of restaurant at 9 pm, there were still shining smiles on everyone’s face.
We all look forward to a bright future with the success of the scholars and of the partnerships between Hinrich Foundation and adidas suppliers.

About the author – Tran To Linh

Tran To Linh

Linh Tran is based in Ho Chi Minh City as a online education development coordinator for the Hinrich Foundation. She is responsible for further advancing the organization’s mission of promoting sustainable global trade through education by providing online courses to suppliers.

Linh received a 2013 Hinrich Global Trade Scholarship where she finished her MA in International Journalism Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013.