Viet Ball Cap workshop (Based in Dist. 12, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam) (Photo by Mai Tong)
Viet Ball Cap workshop (Based in Dist. 12, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam) (Photo by Mai Tong)

On July 2014, the Hinrich Foundation‘s export consultant Ha Ly Nguyen had a chance to visit a supplier in District 12, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. During this visit, Ly noted out the supplier’s sharing on how participating in the export assistance program had helped her business to grow and create more jobs for people.

The proof is in the orders for Hinrich Foundation’s Export Assistance Program.

“We got six new orders from six new buyers in the three batches of doing B2B export marketing on Global Sources website,” said Ms. Ngoc Mai, sales executive of Vietnam Ball Cap. These six orders helped create 60 jobs for workers in her company.

Global Sources, Vietnam Ball Cap’s pathfinder

Established in 2007, Vietnam Ball Cap is a locally owned enterprise specializing in manufacturing and exporting customized beanies, caps, hats, sun visors and shirts for promotion and fashion.

Before participating in the free Export Assistance Program offered by the Hinrich Foundation, Vietnam Ball Cap had done its online export marketing through Alibaba, but had seen little positive effect on its export sales. It then went to Global Sources, registering for a free account as an unverified supplier.

In 2012 Ms. Thuy Ho, an export consultant from Hinrich Foundation, introduced Mai to the free Export Assistance Program through which Vietnam Ball Cap would become a verified supplier on Global Sources website.

Mai found the program to be a pathfinder for her, assisting her business to approach more potential suppliers and secure export orders.

Ngoc Mai, sales executive of Vietnam Ball Cap.
Ngoc Mai, sales executive of Vietnam Ball Cap.

First cycle: 200 inquiries and 3 orders

In the first cycle of Vietnam Ball Cap’s export promotion on Global Sources in 2012, it received approximately 200 inquiries from international buyers. Among them, there were three foreign buyers from U.S., Canada and Australia that made export orders of baseball and promotional hats with a total value of $3,000 USD.

“I find those international buyers on Global Sources highly reliable and serious,” said Mai.

The first batch laid a good foundation for her business to become prominent among the international buyer community when it signed on for a second cycle in the export program in 2013. She got two new export orders of promotional hats from two new American suppliers.

Second cycle: 2 orders and 20 jobs created

Those two orders, valued about $2,000 USD, generated 20 jobs for the community in Vietnam.

“I think the reason why those buyers chose us to be their supplier is that we are able to provide them with higher quality products at a reasonable price compared to the current market with on-time delivery,” Mai said.

Third cycle: one order and $2,000 USD earned

Vietnam Ball Cap built on its success in its first two cycles in the program by enrolling for a third. It earned one export order of 900 hats from France with the value of $2,000 USD in early 2014.

“A plus of Global Sources is that it allows suppliers to receive and reply to buyers’ emails directly on their private email account without logging in their account on Global Sources website for mail-checking, which I found very convenient,” Mai said.

“Moreover, GS editors have been doing a good job in supporting online suppliers in editing their products’ images and information on the Global Sources website so that they can attract more buyers to their products and increase the conversion to export orders,” said Mai.

Thanks to Vietnam Ball Cap’s good performance and perfect utilization of online export marketing Global Sources, it was granted an extension of its online promotion on Global Sources for four months.

“Vietnam Ball Cap is very eager to make its next breakthroughs in the fourth participation of joining the online export marketing offered by Hinrich Foundation in cooperation with Global Sources,” Mai said.

About the Author – Nguyen Doan Ha Ly

Nguyen Doan Ha Ly

Nguyen Doan Ha Ly was awarded the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship in September 2013 to pursue M.A. in International Journalism Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. She graduated from the Academy of Journalism and Communication in Vietnam with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising. She would like to become a global trade promoter upon graduation.