Ceramic productare getting packed at company warehouse
Ceramic products are getting packed at company’s warehouse.

Setting up one’s own business is surely not an easy job to do, no matter what business that is. Challenges, ups and downs sometimes can be hard to beat for the entrepreneurs, especially in the emerging online world. Below is the sharing of our partner in India – Cantik Pottery – on their experience and some important factors that they have gained along their business journey.

Everyone has their own experiences while setting up their business. It may be good, very good, bad, very bad experiences. So every day comes up with new challenges and with its own set of nuances.

Like everyone we also faced many challenges while setting up our pottery business. I would not make it monotonous or make you feel let down if you are trying to set up your own business whether it be of pottery or anything else but I would emphasize on some important factors while embarking on the journey and how to emerge if not as a winner but as a person who has learned from the whole experience.

Getting the strategy right

So the most important thing you may be having in mind before starting any business is getting your strategy right, but believe me whatever strategies you make you are bound to face challenges and you will yourself go on changing your strategies based on the unknown challenges you will be facing.

artisan giving shape to the product
Artisan giving shape to the product.

So going by the current flavor of the country; we like everyone, wanted to jump into the bandwagon of e-commerce and wanted to sell our stuff online. We wanted to have our own website but once we started negotiations with vendors we got the understanding that in order to compete and sell online we need to spend a huge amount in terms of SEO, Adwords, Social Media, Facebook Ads etc.

Spending the money on these important aspects is critical to sell online, but do all these methods guarantee that the traffic coming via all these would definitely be buying through our website? You have to do a cost and benefit analysis and reach at a conclusion yourself. After performing all cost and benefit analysis ourselves we altered our strategy to sell online and started looking at other options available online. We decided to look at marketplaces to sell our products like www.shopclues.com, www.snapdeal.com, etc.

Problems & Solutions

We got a little bit success and came to know a lot like what sort of products do people like to buy online from us, at what price they want to buy and from which part of country people are buying our online products. In spite of getting all this information we were still lacking in selling bulk products and exports through the online medium.

We got again into the research and strategy formulation mode and found two sources which would help us solve these two problems. The first solution was www.indiamart.com which helped us in bulk order leads and the other solution was Hinrich Foundation (www.hinrichfoundation.com) which helped us in getting leads for export orders. Now we are enjoying genuine inquiries and export orders through HF’s online account.

We still have a website (www.cantikpottery.com) of our own which we got initially made up like everyone does i.e. getting the website up and running but you can see as to how much strategy we changed through our journey and then finally realized where we need to concentrate our energies and manpower.

About the Author – Abdul Majid Khan & Ganesh Pandey

Abdul najid Khan& Ganesh pandey

Abdul Majid Khan (left) & Ganesh Pandey (right) are the Founders and Directors of Cantik Pottery, who have been featured in the India Home Décor sourcing report. They dabbled in many areas before venturing into the pottery business.

In whatever they do, they usually end up supporting each other as they appreciate each other’s ideas and knowledge. They distribute the work among themselves in order to move forward in a fast pace. This, according to Abdul & Ganesh, is the key to any successful partnership.