Here is the experience, thoughts and reflections of group 5 Fibre. Fibre means that we aim at building a connection between the disabled producer in Cambodia and the buyers in Hong Kong or in mainland China through the Hinrich Foundation’s Export Assistance Program Cambodia. The connection means a sustainable sale channel as well as a kind of culture experience.

export assistance Cambodia, Rose given, fragrance in hand
Export assistance in Cambodia – Rose given, fragrance in hand.


Goods Purchasing Day – by Wong Hou Tung (Vincy)

Having no experience in mapping out the purchasing plans, we have made many purchasing plans for backing up. Because we don’t know would the product be distributed on first-come-first-served basis or by ballot, we reached the M core before 30 minutes! Before picking up the items, I saw that other group mates were preparing the purchasing forms in a hurry, so preparation in advance is of utmost importance!

export assistance Cambodia - Vincy _ Leo
Pictured from left: Vincy & Leo on Nov 13th “Goods Purchasing Day”.

During the progress of purchasing goods, the atmosphere was tense and exciting. Everyone was gazing at their plans and the exquisite Cambodian products in the cupboard. Fortunately, we were the third one to pick up our products. However, life is full of uncertainties and challenges. Some products such as Christmas cards were sold out. So we changed our plan immediately.

Finally, we brought our products successfully. In this fast-paced city like Hong Kong, the market is changing rapidly. In respond to the actions of the rivals or the sudden changes of the market, we should adapt and think flexibly.

A meaningful meeting with program director – by Jewellery (Wu Junhuan)

We met Alex Boome, who is the director of this program on 10th December. We briefly introduced our progress and ideas to Alex first. Then Alex shared us with some original insights and purpose for this program, which enhanced our understanding of this program aiming at promoting corporate social responsibility. Besides, Alex encouraged us to dream big and not hesitate to make the plans come true. Apart from this, we also learnt more backgrounds for the man-made craft industry in Cambodia, which helped us to polish our business plan.

And the point which impressed me most was the idea to create job for the poor people instead of just pursing profits for an organization. It was also said that one organization could balance well between the CSR and profit-making for its shareholder. When asked for the start-up capital, we were encouraged to bravely try to seek help different funds. Lastly, we gained the praise for our progress and idea completions. We will try our best to win this competition.



export assistance Cambodia - Sherry, Alex, _ Jewellery
Pictured from left: Sherry,Alex & Jewellery on Dec 10th.

A sustainable way to sell: TaoBao – by Sherry (Wang Yajing)

As mentioned by Jewellery, we met the director of this program, Alex Boome on 10th December. When we were sharing our ideas, we found that it is really hard to find a sustainable way to sell those products. Alex put forward that TaoBao is a good way to sell those products quickly and sustainably. It is believed that mainland China is a big market and on-line retail is efficient and low-cost. Furthermore, once there is an on-line retail store for this program, it can pass to next and following student teams.

Therefore, our team decided to have a try. First we applied a TaoBao account. Then we apply a TaoBao store, but it still needs time to pass the check of real-name system. One problem that we concerned about is the postage. It is hard to predict the future sale in mainland China, so we cannot send the predicted amount of goods to mainland China now. Therefore, we decided still choose Hong Kong as the main market and keep TaoBao store as an alternative choice.

About the author – Vincy Wong (Wong Hou Tong)

export assistance Cambodia - Vincy Wong (Wong Hou Tung)

Vincy Wong (Wong Hou Tung), a year 1 student majoring in Financial Services in Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

She cherishes an aspiration of engaging in the financial field, so she is determined to gain a global perspective by exchanging ideas with different people worldwide.

Having this unwavering passion, she has participated in “Generation Next” program which aims at promoting a sustainable change in the lives of the impoverished Cambodian and gaining experiences of how to organize a purposeful activity with group mates in the meantime.

About the author – Jewellery (Wu Junhuan)

export assistance Cambodia - Jewellery (Wu Junhuan)

Jewellery (Wu Junhuan) is a currently year 2 student in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and her major is Global Supply Chain Management.

She is really passionate with life and study. Sharing open-minded and positive attitude, she is quiet easygoing and keeps curiosity towards life. She is anxious to commit for an influential multinational corporate after graduation and contribute her business mindset to society. By joining this program, learning and coaching experiences can be gained. Also, it facilitates to enlarging business networking and developing social awareness as a global citizen.

About the author – Sherry (Wang Yajing)

export assistance Cambodia - Sherry (Wang Yajing)

Sherry (Wang Yajing) is a year 2 student in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majors in accounting and finance. She is hard-working and always seeking to improve herself. Moreover, she is outgoing and also wants to help others with her vigor and knowledge.

She believes that the meaning of business should not only be earning the money, but also makes the world a better place. She thinks that this program is a good opportunity to practice her concept about business. She did learn some experience about selling from this program.