From studying at one of the best journalism schools to traveling to London, a Hinrich Foundation scholar recounts her unforgettable experiences at Hinrich Foundation.

working experience with HF

You are your own master when you are working with the Hinrich Foundation (HF). It’s been about two months since I started working as an Export Consultant after completing my MA in International Journalism from Hong Kong Baptist University as an HF scholar from India.

HF has offices in India’s capital city, New Delhi, and its wealthiest city, Mumbai. With the likelihood of being based in New Delhi, where instances of rape and sexual harassment are considerably high compared to other parts of the country, I had expressed concerns over my safety to HF. They were taken seriously.

I currently work from home in the south Indian city called Hyderabad. Working from home has its ups and downs, though I like the flexibility my job offers. I feel fortunate to work with colleagues who are professional, non-interfering and supportive, something that everyone craves for but does not always get.

Before getting selected for an HF scholarship, I was working as a full-time journalist, reporting mainstream news that involved a lot of running around. While I enjoyed work then, now as an Export Consultant I get to do something very different. That I am working for a cause – promoting sustainable global trade – is satisfying. Besides, I get to meet different people, visit manufacturing units, interact with workers and get a whole new perspective on life.

Being a member of the HF family has been a rewarding journey so far. As a scholar, I fulfilled my long-cherished dream of studying abroad in one of the best journalism schools and got a chance to travel to London, courtesy of HF.

Now, as an Export Consultant, I desire to improve my knowledge base on sustainable export trade over the next two years and put it to efficient use in sync with HF’s policies and help generate more jobs in India.

Thank you, HF!

About the author – Bushra Baseerat

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Bushra Baseerat is currently working as an Export Consultant with the Hinrich Foundation (HF). She graduated this year from Hong Kong Baptist University after completing her MA in International Journalism as an HF scholar from India.