A video from Hinrich Foundation team on visiting Vietnamese-German University (VGU).

Hinrich Foundation in collaboration with adidas suppliers provide full scholarships to Cambodia and Myanmar citizens in order to pursue their master degree in Global Production Engineering Management at Vietnamese-German University in academic year 2015.

After visiting VGU, Hinrich Foundation team found out that the university has an impressive education system and teaching method. VGU employs the same teaching method and curriculum as its parent university in Germany. Moreover, professors and lecturers of VGU also come from Germany, but teaching in English.

In addition, VGU also sends their best students to Germany in order to pursue their master thesis every year.

Watch a video produced by Hinrich Foundation team on visiting Vietnamese-German University (VGU) to understand more about it.

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About the author – Thanunnudth Thanutnorrasesthi (Tintin)

Thanunnudth Thanutnorrasesthi (Tintin)

Thanunnudth Thanutnorrasesthi (Tintin) is an intern from Thailand based in Ho Chi Minh City. His responsibility at Hinrich Foundation is to support Trade Related Education and Marketing team of Hinrich Foundation in Vietnam.

Tintin received scholarship from Thai government to pursue his internship program abroad, and he decided to join Hinrich Foundation at Ho Chi Minh City office. He was a vice student president of Dhurakij Pundit University International College (DPUIC) during his second year of bachelor degree study. Tintin is pursuing his Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business, and he is extremely interested in import and export business.

Before joining Hinrich Foundation, Tintin has one-year experience working as an IT officer and Sales assistant in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. After that, he came back to his motherland, worked as a part-time waiter in a pizza restaurant in Bangkok for couple of months in purpose of improving his service-mind and interpersonal skills.