HO CHI MINH CITY, Dec. 22, 2015 – The Hinrich Foundation released the Vietnam Sourcing Report: Toys with the support from its partner in export development, Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL)

Educational toys
Online report lists 76 export suppliers and includes details on new products – educational and decorative toys – plus pricing and supply market trends.

The online report includes names and details of 76 export suppliers and images of educational and decorative toys. It also features industry information, new product features, price guides and export data. PDFs of each section are available online to download for free.

Report shows Vietnam educational and exercise plastic and wooden toys are on trend.

The findings of the report include:

  • In 2014, the export value of Vietnam toys and sports requisites, parts and accessories thereof hit $650 million, up by 32.6 percent compared to 2013;
  • Overseas sales hit $484.4 million in the first eight months of 2015;
  • The main export market of Vietnam toys include the US, EU, Japan and Korea;
  • The average growth rate of Vietnam export revenue during 2012-2014 was about 17.6 percent.

The upscale suppliers’ total output reached 50,000 pieces per month.

Vietnam suppliers accept low MOQ orders with high level of handmade elements.

“The prices of most Vietnam toys are stable due to steady material costs and low demand in international markets. Vietnam suppliers have to keep prices the same to stay competitive and attract more orders,” said Alex Boome, Hinrich Foundation’s Program Director.

Meanwhile, plastic toys have a tendency to decrease due to dwindling prices of pure plastic pigments brought by dropping price of crude oil.

“Due to short life cycle of tech toys, prices of some old models have a downward trend, decreasing by 5 to 10 percent,” said Ngan Nguyen from Toys Robotics Company.

Sourcing Reports for the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia

The Vietnam Sourcing Report: Toys is one of a series of online Sourcing Reports covering emerging Asia supply markets. A full version of the report can be viewed online here.

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The next report in the Vietnam Sourcing series is Ceramics, available here.

Sourcing from Vietnam buyer’s guide

To help buyers new to Vietnam sourcing, the Foundation has prepared a guide that provides an overview of the industries and products available and main manufacturing centers.

To help buyers new to Vietnam sourcing, the Foundation has prepared a guide that
provides an overview of the industries and products available and main anufacturing
centers. Buyers will also learn how to find and vet reliable suppliers, available banking options, common methods of payment, shipping details and steps to avoid or settle trade disputes here

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