Ten teams are consisted of four members of Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University have been selected to compete to develop sales channels and sell the most amount of goods made by deaf and disabled producers in Cambodia through the Hinrich Foundation‘s Export Assistance Program Cambodia. They are developing practical business skills selling to help. Here are the insights, aspirations, and lesson learned from the 1st team “Warmer Than Warmer”.

We Want You!!!
We want you!

Inspiration from Everywhere! – by LAU Wing Lam (Whitney)

Hello everyone 🙂 We are Warmer Than Warmer! Does it sound familiar to you? ;D Our group name inspires from Apple iPhone’s latest model. We would like to convey a message that purchasing our goods is not only a warm gift to your beloved, but also providing warm and considerate service to our customers. We believe that connection between people is valuable, though communication with customers and our best effort spent in selling process to express our support to Cambodian artisans. Please don’t hesitate to support us! We want you!

Goods Purchasing Day – Breathtaking & Lucky – by LIN Li (Nick)

“People were standing in front of the table, observing the Cambodian handcrafts which they are going to buy, while discussing their purchase plan with caution.” This is the most impressive scenario of which the purchasing day leaved to me. 13 Nov is the “Goods Purchasing Day” on which each team would select the handcrafts they are going to sell. Since the amount of the some goods is relatively inadequate, every team in the purchasing room was discussing secretly with solemn expression.

When the staff decided using the lucky draw, I was a little relieved because we don’t need to “fight with” each other. The breathtaking moment was coming when I stretched my hand to pick up one piece of paper. I did not check the number while passed to my teammate. She checked and looked up at me with glinted eyes. The first one? Are you kidding me? Awesome! Unbelievable! We were so lucky to be the first one to purchase the goods! That means we could buy whatever we want. That’s so cool! The calculation of our purchase plan was also correct. Finally we purchased the goods we want, and we believe that with these goods we can do an excellent work in the near future.

Hinrich scholar - Team 1
Pictured from left: Nick & Carol on Nov 13th “Goods Purchasing Day”.

A Real Life Lesson in Purchasing Day – by LING Zijun (Carol)

“Quickly evaluate and quickly decide” is the first lesson we learned in this program. On the good purchasing day, all the groups drew lots for turns. We are lucky because we drew “the first group”. After we finished purchasing, I found other groups were as serious as us. They observed carefully what we bought and what had been left then quickly evaluated every possible plan according to $1900 fixed budget and quickly decided their best choice. I think this is the real world. The world changes quickly, so should we. Quickly evaluate the changes and quickly make the decision, we can win the game!

A Great First Meeting with Coach – by NG Man Tsun (Jason)

“ Just design a selling channel in Win-Win situation to the business” Still remember the impressive advice from Matthew, our group Dale Carnegie Training Coach, and he has provided valuable advises in diversified dimensions to our group during the progress session, which has inspired us a lot and have a new idea on our project. Before the meeting, I have many concerns that” we are just inexperienced university students with some great idea” and “how can I get capitals to run a business and negotiate with big corporation or even sell our idea to them.” However, Matthew has suggested different ways to deal with the problems, such as, designing a comprehensive proposal about our idea, contact with different corporation through our network. Frankly, I gained a lot from this meeting and was motivated in following project. And after the meeting, our group started to have various and well preparations on the design of product and the selling channel, and Strive for the awards of the competition!!

About the author – Whitney Lau (Lau Wing Lam)

Whitney Lau (Lau Wing Lam)

Whitney Lau (Lau Wing Lam), year 3 Hong Kong Polytechnic University, major in Marketing. A Participant of “Generation.Next: Global Leadership for the 21st Century” supported by Hinrich Foundation. She believes that it is a more blessed thing to give, rather than to receive. She participates “Sell-to-Help” project to give a helping hand to those Cambodian artisans. She believes that building relationship with people is value of life.

About the author – Linli


Majoring in Accounting, Lin Li is a Year2 undergraduate student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Just finishing his 20th birthday party, he decided to experience more to enrich his university life. He is full of passion to equip himself well with the hope that he can have the ability to start his own business as an entrepreneur after graduating in 2017.

About the author – Carol Ling (Ling Zijun)

Carol Ling (Ling Zijun)

Carol Ling (Ling Zijun) studies in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She majors in accountancy. She is an energetic girl who is always eager to learn and eager to try new things. She thinks of this Hinrich Foundation Program as a chance to help people and to develop her global leadership. She plans to start a “conscious capitalism” business, which can both enrich other people’s life and earn profit, after graduating in 2018.

About the author – Carol Ling (Ling Zijun)

Carol Ling (Ling Zijun)

Jason (NG Man Tsun) is year 2 student in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and his major is Global Supply Chain Management. He is really passionate on the business in the area of Global economy and realizes that one of the key criteria of being a leader in global modern society is leadership. Hence, he decided to participate in “Generation Next” program so as to enhance the leadership skill and gain the experience from it. He is so glad to have such valuable opportunity to join the program and promises treasure every chance to improve himself.