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Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation – Hanoi, Vietnam 2019

Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation Hanoi Vietnam 2019

The Hinrich Foundation, in partnership with RMIT University, held the first Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation (HTNS) in Hanoi, Vietnam on May 4 and 5, 2019. Thirty-eight students from 8 universities gathered for an intensive trade negotiation simulation experience.

See previous HTNS sessions in Hong Kong, Manila and Ho Chi Minh City here.

Discourse surrounding the topic of international trade has been rapidly developing. The Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation aims to deepen delegates’ understanding of how trade negotiation works and its global impact.

The negotiating agenda for this cohort is especially challenging – it includes health care services, digital economy and non-tariff measures on food products.

Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation - Hanoi, Vietnam 2019 1
Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation - Hanoi, Vietnam 2019 2

HTNS Hanoi, Vietnam 2019 was held on May 4 and 5 at the RMIT University Hanoi Campus.

Venue: RMIT University in Hanoi
Handi Resco Building, 521 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Consult the map here.

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Stephen Olson

Stephen Olson
Research Fellow, Hinrich Foundation

Keynote speaker

Shannon Leahy
Image: Austrade

Shannon Leahy
Australia Trade Commissioner

RMIT University

RMIT University brings a world-class education and globalised study environment to the heart of Asia. They are part of Melbourne-based university RMIT – Australia’s biggest tertiary institution. RMIT University Vietnam offers programs in business, technology, communication, design and fashion.

  • What is Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation (HTNS)?

    HTNS is an interactive learning experience where students and young professionals tackle current and developing global trade issues through a simulated trade negotiation. The Hinrich Foundation works with partner organizations to bring HTNS to various regions and cities in Asia.

    Delegates are grouped into country teams and are further assigned a trade dispute assignment which they represent for the duration of the negotiation simulation. Country teams, through its representatives, try to negotiate binding agreements to resolve the issues presented to them, in the same way as real-life trade negotiations take place.

    Ultimately, the goal of the negotiation simulation is to reach an agreement favorable with all the countries involved. Working with their team mates, delegates will need to strategize their approach and negotiate their position to achieve this outcome.

  • What topics are discussed in HTNS?

    The topics discussed vary per batch but it is always focused and aligned with the current trade issues that deepen the delegates’ understanding of how trade functions. Previous topics in trade in goods and services include consumer electronics, digital commerce, intellectual property and accounting services.

  • What does a typical HTNS schedule look like?

    HTNS is designed as a 2-day conference. There will be keynote speeches about trade, plenaries that provide guidance and strategies on how teams should approach and prepare for the negotiations, and the actual negotiations themselves. Facilitators will be on the ground to advise and assist teams as they prepare for, and participate, in the negotiations.

  • Why should students and young professionals participate in HTNS?

    Through an interactive learning experience, HTNS delegates become acquainted with global trade issues and get a deeper understanding of how trade benefits and affects the society. It gives delegates the opportunity to learn from trade negotiators and subject-matter experts on what goes on behind closed doors and to be coached on how to find common ground among countries with very diverse agendas.

    HTNS also teaches skills in negotiation, public speaking, problem solving and conflict resolution through compromise and cooperation.

  • How can students and young professionals join HTNS?

    To join HTNS Hanoi this May 4 & 5, 2019, register through this link: by April 15, 2019.

Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation in Hanoi featured by local channel VTC.
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