About the program: The program offers international students the opportunity to master the fine points of business, finance and economics in China. All courses are taught in English by renowned scholars and journalists who have extensive global experience. The facilities and equipment rival those of other leading journalism programs in the world. The program is full-time and spans two years of intense, fast-paced, rewarding study. Those who complete it successfully emerge with valuable connections, a rich array of opportunities and the skills to capitalize on them.

Who can apply: Working with Arizona State University, the Hinrich Foundation offers scholarships to graduates of the Water Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Students take their MA in Global Business Journalism in the heart of Beijing at prestigious Tsinghua University – one of the top three ivy-league institutions in China.

The academic, cultural and linguistic immersion gives scholars unprecedented insight into China and China media. All are given an internship in trade communication at one of Global Sources’ China offices.