Building your career in the global marketplace

An academic degree. Skills training. A career in international trade. Three key benefits when you become a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar! This powerful package is designed to develop career-ready graduates, who are well-prepared to make the world a better place through trade.

Our scholarship is grounded in the work integrated learning model, which is internationally recognized by employers as the preferred path to best equip graduates with the skills companies truly need.

When participating in this comprehensive program, you will be able to:HF-internship-career

  • Upgrade your knowledge and scholastic achievement through an academic degree
  • Build practical soft skills while developing working relationships with your future employer through a full-time 6 to 12 month internship in-between starting studies and graduation
  • Gain a competitive edge in the workforce by graduating with skills learned on-the-job
  • Begin an exciting upon graduation with the sponsor company you have built a relationship with through your internship & time as a scholar

This integrated learning experience provides high-achieving scholars with a strong foundation for career advancement and leadership development in the international trade sector.

Extended internship – Powerful foundation for career advancement

The intensive work experience in-between study periods will:

  • Enable you to gain a better understanding of your career interests, as well as your strengths & weaknesses
  • Equip you with a real-world foundation for career development
  • Provide you with a first-hand perspective of what skills are necessary for the international trade sector
  • Enhance your resume, given the significant contribution you made to a company during your time as a student
  • Allow you to establish strong working relationships with your future colleagues, even before you graduate
  • Give you a fresh and practical perspective on your studies when you return to school to finish your degree


The program offers a full scholarship and incorporates a substantial internship where you can apply your knowledge directly into practice. An internship for half a year is a proper amount of time to learn more about the company, find a fitting position and discover what you really enjoy.



“I knew this scholarship would not only relate to my academic performance but would incorporate personal development in different areas. This internship helped us all understand our strengths and weaknesses. Once I went back to school I knew where I thrived and where I had room for improvement.”



“I wish I had the opportunity to intern in a company when I was in college for my bachelor’s degree. I believe an internship is the best way to gauge the organization’s expectation and working culture, while realistically preparing an intern for a longer commitment with the company.” 

Career Development – Job Upon Graduation

Companies are eager to find graduates who have practical on-the-job work experience, backed by a quality academic degree. Hinrich Foundation scholars benefit from a carefully crafted work-integrated learning education which helps them develop into extremely desirable candidates in the ever-competitive job market.

The Hinrich Foundation and its industry partners are proud to have fully sponsored academic and career opportunities for more than 115 people from 11 countries.

Equipped with both a rich academic foundation and the practical skills needed for success, we are confident that Hinrich Foundation alumni are set to be the next generation of leaders in the ever-competitive global workplace.


“I was very fortunate to have received two Hinrich Foundation scholarships, allowing my career in trade to become much brighter and promising through my newfound skills and education. The chance to earn a second degree also provided me with an exchange semester in the United States, which was an invaluable experience!”