New award for excellence in reporting on international trade will be open to journalists worldwide.

The National Press Foundation and the Hinrich Foundation have established a new journalism award to honor excellence in international trade reporting.

The award, titled “Hinrich Foundation Award for Distinguished Reporting on Trade”, intends to encourage exemplary journalism that advances the understanding of international trade. The award carries a $10,000 prize.Hinrich Foundation award for distinguished journalists reporting on international trade

“With this award, we will honor journalists who have made exceptional contributions to informing and stimulating discussion about the future of global trade,” said Merle A. Hinrich, Founder and chairman of the Hinrich Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting sustainable global trade.

“NPF is excited to offer this exceptional new award to journalists who cover trade across the globe. It is a natural extension of our respected training and education programs for journalists,” said Sandy K. Johnson, president and chief operating officer of NPF.

The award is open to any professional journalist whose work exemplifies the highest standards of journalism. This includes print, broadcast and digital journalists. 

The winner will receive a trip to Washington, D.C., to accept the award at NPF’s annual journalism awards dinner in February 2020. The dinner draws 1,000 journalists, media, communications managers, corporate executives and policymakers.

Entries for the inaugural Hinrich Foundation award are due 27 September, 2019.