43-page report features suppliers of handwoven fabrics, and designers and exporters of garments, home furnishings and fashion accessories using eco-friendly textiles

MAKATI, Philippines – The Hinrich Foundation released the Handwoven fabrics: Philippines, a 43-page report featuring suppliers of handwoven fabrics, and designers and exporters of garments, home furnishings and fashion accessories using these environment-friendly textiles.

The free, downloadable report features eight traditional Philippine textiles that are being transformed into stylish garments, home furnishings and fashion accessories suitable for the modern consumer. The free downloadable report serves as a guide to importers, fashion designers and entrepreneurs looking to source unique, natural and eco-friendly fabrics from the Philippines.

Amid the “slow fashion” movement, interest in fabrics woven from natural fibers using traditional techniques and handlooms is growing. This results in a wider selection of products showcasing these textiles.

“With global warming now an all-too-real threat to human survival, protecting the environment has now gained tremendous momentum and so designers, including big design houses all over the world are slowly going back to eco-friendly materials, ” said Gida Ofong of Gida’s Tnalak, one of the fabric suppliers featured in the report. “In this context, this timely report is immensely relevant in helping create and raise awareness on the existence of alternative, eco-friendly, indigenous and artisanal products from the Philippines.”

The report gives insight into the capability of Philippine suppliers to produce quality and unique textiles, and use these creatively in various items. Buyers will also discover:

Designers: Three designers and entrepreneurs who incorporate traditional fabrics into contemporary garments and fashion accessories, making such textiles relevant to the current generation.

Fabric suppliers: Five small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that work with indigenous weaving communities to keep the traditional craft alive and make these accessible to local and international buyers.

Fashion & home products suppliers: Six export suppliers offering clothing, home decor and fashion accessories that highlight handwoven fabrics.

Sector support: Initiatives of the government and other organizations to help the industry grow.

Handwoven fabrics: Philippines

The Hinrich Foundation interviewed suppliers, designers and other industry sources for this special report, including: Celia Elumba, Region IV Director of the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI); and Kennedy Costales, Executive Director of the Philippine Fiber Development Authority (PhilFIDA).

To help buyers new to Philippine sourcing, the Hinrich Foundation offers the free e-book Sourcing from the Philippines, which provides an overview of the industries and products available in the country. Buyers will also learn how to find and evaluate reliable suppliers, what the available banking options and common methods of payment are, and steps to avoid or settle trade disputes.