Online report features 12 export suppliers offering jackets, footwear, bags, wallets, belts and premiums, plus details on product pricing and supply market trends

NEW DELHI, IndiaThe Hinrich Foundation released the India Sourcing: Leather goods with the support of its partner in export development, Global Sources.

The online report offers import buyers websites of 12 verified export suppliers and profiles jackets, footwear, bags, wallets, belts and premiums. It also features an overview of the industry, new product features, price guides and export data. A PDF of the report is available to download for free online.

Minimalist, contemporary designs with eco-friendly materials

India suppliers offer buyers a wide variety of leather products that incorporate minimalist designs and neutral colors. These leather products feature straight and curved lines, as well as fewer embellishments. The minimalist aesthetic aims to draw attention to the natural grain of leather itself.

Manufacturers are also making the production process more eco-friendly by using undyed or vegetable-tanned leather that do not make use of hazardous materials.

“Leather goods manufacturers are focusing more contemporary styles because they believe this is what the international market demands. They avoid bright colors on finished goods and opt for minimal adornments instead,” said Rahoof Abdul, export consultant of the Hinrich Foundation. “Manufacturers are also choosing more environment-friendly methods by avoiding hazardous chemicals in the production.”

Suppliers and products

Founded in 1984, Nadeem Leatherware Exports in Chennai specializes in high-quality leather handbags, purses, wallets, gloves and other related items. With fashion-forward, contemporary designs, the company supplies fine leather accessories to brands across the globe.

Valmax, also based in Chennai, has been making leather products since 2005. It offers bags, footwear, wallets and other accessories made of buffalo hide, goatskin and sheepskin.

In 1994, Raj Exports in Kanpur began as a manufacturer of luxury leather goods with modern minimalist aesthetics. The company’s selection of high-end bags and fashion accessories are made primarily from vegetable-tanned harness leather.

In addition to Nadeem Leatherware Exports, Valmax and Raj Exports, suppliers featured in the report are:

– Aala Gloves, Chennai: Bags, jackets, fashion accessories and wallets.

– Ababeel International, Chennai: Bags and wallets.

– Aisha Leather Products, Chennai: Executive bags and folders, laptop bags, footwear and belts.

– Alpha Leather Products, Chennai: Footwear and fashion accessories.

– Bag House in Chennai: Bags, jackets and wallets.

– Collagen Tanners, Chennai: Bags, wallets and fashion accessories.

– Leather Mark, Chennai: Bags, footwear and fashion accessories.

– Prag International, Chennai: Bags, jackets, wallets and fashion accessories.

– Sastha Leather Crafts, Chennai: Bags, wallets and fashion accessories.


The report further shows:

– Leather and leather product exports reached $1.42 billion during the period April-June 2018, according to a report posted on the website of the Council for Leather Exports, which cites the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics.

– India’s leather goods industry includes manufacturers of footwear, garments, gloves, handbags, suitcases, trunks, saddlery and harnesses.

– Most suppliers plan to raise prices to keep up with increases in raw material costs.


India Sourcing: Leather goods is one of a series of online Sourcing Reports covering emerging Asia supply markets. A full version of the report can be viewed here.


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