Online report features 20 export suppliers offering bedroom, dining room, living room and outdoor wicker furniture, plus details on product pricing and supply market trends

JAKARTA, IndonesiaThe Hinrich Foundation released the Indonesia Sourcing: Wicker furniture with the support of its partner in export development, Global Sources.

The online report offers import buyers websites of 20 verified exporter suppliers and profiles bedroom, dining room, living room and outdoor wicker furniture. It also features an overview of the industry, new product features, price guides and export data. A PDF of the report is available to download for free online.

Report highlights green, contemporary wicker furniture

Wicker furniture makers from Indonesia are offering modern wicker furniture to reach more potential buyers overseas. While known for producing traditional wicker furniture, suppliers are expanding their selections to include contemporary pieces that feature rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth and other sustainable and natural materials sourced within Indonesia.

Modern and traditional wicker furniture both utilize environment-friendly raw materials such as rattan and bamboo, which are found in many parts of Indonesia. The country accounts for about 80 percent of the world’s rattan supply, while bamboo is found in many parts, particularly Bali, Java and Sumatera.

Water hyacinth, meanwhile, will remain a popular material in upcoming models. The rapidly growing plant is invasive and can clog waterways, but over the years, manufacturers have learned to use the material for wicker furniture and baskets. Stalks are harvested, dried and woven to form home décor and furniture pieces.

Wicker furniture with contemporary designs typically feature sleeker forms and rounded edges. While available in natural rattan tones, these are also offered in other colors such as black and blue.

Design-wise, makers are also leaning toward multifunctional and modular models such as chairs attached with tables and stackable outdoor living room sets.

“Suppliers are focusing on multifunction models made of eco-friendly materials such as rattan and water hyacinth suitable for small floor spaces,” said Kike Setyowati, export consultant for the Hinrich Foundation. “Using these materials is essential to Indonesia rattan furniture makers in reducing the use of wood and contributing to the environment.”

Suppliers and products

PT Kharisma Rotan Mandiri, which has been in business since 1998, produces modern rattan chairs and sofas. The company is based in Central Java.

Established in 2006, West Java-based CV Luxindo Alam Jaya offers rattan dining chairs, sofas, bar stools, living room sets and dining room sets. Models feature both contemporary and traditional styles.

Urang Furniture in West Java offers wicker furniture with modern designs. Established in 2011, the company offers rattan bar stools, sofas and outdoor sofa sets.

In addition to PT Kharisma Rotan Mandiri, CV Luxindo Alam Jaya and Urang Furniture, suppliers featured in the report are:

– Azki Karya Rotan, East Java: Rattan outdoor chairs and dining room sets.

– Cantik Rattan, West Java: Rattan dining chairs, drawers, living room sets and dining room sets.

– CV Agung Muliya Abadi, West Java: Rattan dining chairs, drawers, living room sets and dining room sets.

– CV Aryasena, Central Java: Chairs, stools, sofas, tables, drawers, chaise lounges and sets made of rattan, seagrass, banana leaves and water hyacinth.

– CV Bandung Home Décor, West Java: Rattan chairs, tables, daybeds, outdoor chairs and dining room sets.

– CV De’ef Indonesia, Central Java: Rattan dining room and living room chairs.

– CV Mahkota Jaya Rattan, West Java: Rattan chairs and dining room sets.

– CV Nuansa Tropika, West Java: Rattan tables, beds, living room sets and dining room chairs.

– CV Profestama Kurnia Nisa, Central Java: Dining room sets, living room sets and chaise lounges.

– CV Savana, West Java: Rattan dining chairs.

– CV Sonindo Gemilang. West Java: Rattan dining room chairs, living room sets and dining room sets.

– CV Pesona Rattan Nusantara, West Java: Rattan beds, chaise lounges, outdoor chairs and dining room sets.

– PT Aida Rattan, West Java: Rattan chairs, dining room sets and living room sets.

– PT Rattan Land, West Java: Rattan rocking chairs, dining room sets and living room sets.

– PT Segoro Mas Solo, Central Java: Rattan dining chairs, sofas and stools.

– PT Sembilan Benua, West Java: Rattan chairs, beds, sofas and outdoor furniture.

– Rattan Cirebon, West Java: Rattan outdoor chairs and sofa beds.


The report further shows:

– Indonesia exported $115.8 billion worth of seats and other types of furniture made of rattan, bamboo, cane and similar materials in 2016.

– The US was the top importer of rattan and bamboo furniture. The other key markets were Japan, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

– Most suppliers will be keeping prices steady in the next six months. Companies raising their quotes will cap increases at 10 percent.


Indonesia Sourcing: Wicker furniture is one of a series of online Sourcing Reports covering emerging Asia supply markets. A full version of the report can be viewed here.


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