Online report features 16 export suppliers offering bedroom, dining, kitchen, living room and outdoor furniture, plus details on product pricing and supply market trends.

MAKATI CITY, PhilippinesThe Hinrich Foundation released the Philippine Sourcing: Furniture with the support of its partner in export development, Global Sources.

The online report offers import buyers websites of 16 verified export suppliers and profiles bedroom, dining, kitchen, living room and outdoor furniture. It also features an overview of the industry, new product features, price guides and export data. A PDF of the report is available to download for free online.

Geometric-inspired designs remain a strong trend

Philippine suppliers are exploring different geometric shapes and patterns to create unique pieces. Makers are using materials such as wood and rattan, which are flexible enough to be shaped into unusual forms and curves.

For several companies, geometric designs are in line with efforts to produce minimalist-style furniture for Japan and other markets where space is at a premium. Domestic demand for items with space-saving features is also rising amid the growing condominium market in the country.

“Geometric designs are increasingly getting popular because it is visually appealing and versatile. While some buyers put premium on comfortability, most buyers are always on the lookout for new and unique patterns in selecting furniture and you can never go wrong with geometric-inspired designs if you are targeting these buyers,” said Cherrilyn Baylon, export consultant of the Hinrich Foundation.

In pursuit of innovative designs, manufacturers are combining wood or metal frames with plant-based materials such as water hyacinth, abaca and bulrush. Many are also adopting metallic finishes to serve as contrast to natural or wooden finishes.

Suppliers and products

Founded in 1973, Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corp. in Cebu province offers metal, rattan and wooden furniture. Its selection includes armchairs, bar stools and other types of seating that combine upholstered seats with rattan or mahogany frames. For tables, the supplier pairs a glass, stone or wooden top with a base made of rattan, wood or metal.

Murillo Export International Inc., also in Cebu province, has been designing and manufacturing furniture and furnishings since 1993. The company uses indigenous materials to create contemporary designs, which include sofas, side chairs, beds, chaise lounges and wardrobes.

Established in 1972, Betis Crafts Inc. in Tarlac province specializes in furniture carved from mahogany or gmelina wood. Armchairs, sofas, benches and tables featuring intricate carvings and ornate designs make up its selection.

In addition to Pacific Traders, Murillo and Betis, suppliers featured in the report are:

– Bon-ace Fashion Tools Inc., Cebu province: Console tables and seating combining stainless steel and shell craft.

– Cebu Fil Veneer Corp., Cebu province: Indoor and outdoor furniture made of wood.

– Chall Inc., Pampanga province: Nesting tables, sofas and upholstered seating made of wood.

– Coast Pacific Manufacturing Corp., Cebu province: Wicker indoor and outdoor furniture.

– Diamond Cane International Inc., Cebu province: Indoor furniture made of wood, rattan and wrought iron

– Enpekei International Inc., Cebu province: Indoor and outdoor furniture made of cattail (lampakanay) and other indigenous materials.

– Filipino Creazione de Mano Inc., Metro Manila: Indoor furniture made of kiln-dried mahogany and other kinds of wood.

– Finali Furniture & Home Accessories Inc., Cebu province: Mixed-media indoor furniture

– Furniture Doctor Corp., Pampanga province: Indoor and outdoor furniture made of mahogany, gmelina and acacia wood.

– Obra Cebuana Furniture Designs Inc., Cebu province: Woven indoor and outdoor furniture made of rattan and other indigenous materials.

– Peter and Paul Inc., Metro Manila: Indoor furniture featuring wirework and shell craft.

– Wicker & Vine Inc., Cebu province: Indoor furniture made of rattan, wood and metal.

– Wooden It Be Nice Furniture, Pampanga province: Indoor and outdoor furniture made of rattan, wood, metal and PE.


The report further shows:

– Exports of furniture and parts surged 34 percent year over year in 2017 to $181.1 million, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.

– The outlook for 2018 is positive, with the industry anticipating growth of at least 10 percent. A survey of the companies featured in this report indicate many are expecting double-digit increases.

– Most suppliers intend to keep prices at current levels in the coming months to remain competitive.


Philippines Sourcing: Furniture 2018 is one of a series of online Sourcing Reports covering emerging Asia supply markets. A full version of the report can be viewed online here.


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