Online report features dinnerware, drinkware, flatware, serveware and tabletop accessories, plus a listing of 100 export suppliers across Vietnam.

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, The Hinrich Foundation released Vietnam Sourcing: Tableware 2018 with the support of its partner in export development, Global Sources.

The online report offers import buyers a listing of 100 export suppliers and profiles different types of tableware. It also features an overview of the industry, new product features, price guides and export data. A PDF of the report is available to download for free online.

Mixed-media products on trend

Tableware suppliers in Vietnam are combining different materials in a single design to diversify selections of handcrafted products. For serveware and tabletop accessories, combinations of natural materials such as bamboo, rattan and water hyacinth are popular. Some makers are also incorporating recycled inputs such as wastepaper and eggshell in their designs.

Recent mixed-media releases in line with this trend include trays with bamboo borders and coiled seagrass bases, or vice versa. Placemats and table runners combining bamboo and rattan are also being offered.

“As part of efforts to keep prices stable, suppliers are opting to combine different materials to reduce production costs. Mixed media also result in a greater variety of shapes and patterns,” said Ly Nguyen, export consultant of the Hinrich Foundation.

In addition, makers are offering models in different colors and shapes. Dinnerware suppliers, for instance, offer buyers a wide range of bright and pastel options in addition to white, which remains popular. Companies are also exploring various color combinations to diversify further their selections.

Shape-wise, buyers can choose from a range of regular geometric shapes, asymmetrical and novelty designs.

Suppliers and products

Huong Dang Artistic Handicrafts & Lacquerwares Co. Ltd, based in Hanoi province, produces bamboo bowls, trays and placemats. In addition, it makes fashion accessories and lacquerware made of natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, mother-of-pearl and buffalo horn.

Artex Nam An, also in Hanoi province, offers serving trays made of seagrass and bamboo as part of its range of handicrafts. It also exports storage baskets, planters and vases made of seagrass, rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth or a combination of these materials.

Barotex, another Hanoi province-based handicraft supplier, offers ceramic tea sets and spun bamboo plates, bowls, mugs and vases. Its placemat selection consists of bamboo and seagrass models.

The report further shows:

– The country’ exports of various tableware and kitchenware amounted to over $323.5 million in 2016, according to the latest figures from the DESA/UNSD, United Nations Comtrade database. Germany, China, the US, Japan and South Korea were the top importers.

– Interviewed suppliers expect export sales to rise by at least 10 percent in the coming months.

– Despite raw material costs having risen, tableware prices are expected to remain relatively stable in the next six months due to competition.


Vietnam Sourcing: Tableware 2018 is one of a series of online Sourcing Reports covering emerging Asia supply markets. A full version of the report can be viewed online here.


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