Online report features wooden, plastic and stuffed toys, plus a listing of 100 export suppliers across Vietnam.

HO CHI MINH CITY, VietnamThe Hinrich Foundation released the Vietnam Sourcing: Toys with the support of its partner in export development, Global Sources.

The online report includes a listing of 100 export suppliers and profiles wooden, plastic and stuffed toys from Vietnam. It also features an overview of the industry, new product features, price guides and export data. A PDF of the report is available to download for free online.

Classic toys with multiple play options remain on trend

Toy suppliers in Vietnam continue to add models that encourage physical activity and promote learning to their selections. Most designs enable multiple play activities aimed at stimulating creativity and logical thinking, and introducing children to science and math.

Recent releases include wooden fruit balancing games that introduce children to various fruits and the concept of weight and balance while developing fine motor skills. Push-and-pull trains come with assembly or block sets featuring various shapes and colors.

“Buyers still prefer multipurpose educational toys made of wood because they are not only safe to children’s health but also help stimulate skills and intellectual development. This requires suppliers to develop more innovative designs to attract orders,” said Ly Nguyen, export consultant of the Hinrich Foundation.

In the stuffed toys segment, animal designs remain on trend. Besides models in the shape of bears and other real animals, the selection includes mythical creatures such as dragons and unicorns.

Suppliers and products

Nam Hoa Trading and Production Corp., which is based in Ho Chi Minh City, has been producing wooden toys and furniture for children since 1993. Its selection includes balancing scales, toy vehicles and clocks, shape sorters and dollhouses for children at least 36 months old.

Another Ho Chi Minh City-based supplier, Phan Gia Hy Decorcraft Llc offers handembroidered stuffed toys with cotton shells and polyester filling. Among its products are models in the shape of dragons, monkeys, elephants and giraffes. The company began operating in 1996.

3HPlastic JSC in Hanoi province offers tangrams, kendamas, clappers and jigsaw puzzles. The company is located in Hanoi province.

The report further shows:

– In 2017, Vietnam sent abroad more than $1.2 billion worth of toys, games and sports requisites, according to the General Department of Customs, Ministry of Finance of Vietnam. The figure represents an increase of 30 percent from 2016 exports.

– The US was the top importer, accounting for $434.6 million or over one-third of overseas sales.

– Interviewed suppliers of plush and wooden toys will be keeping prices at current levels to remain competitive and attract more orders. Those offering plastic toys will increase quotes due to higher raw material costs, but adjustments will be kept within 5 percent.


Vietnam Sourcing: Toys is one of a series of online Sourcing Reports covering emerging Asia supply markets. A full version of the report can be viewed here.


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