It was about 1:30 p.m. on a beautiful cloudy day in October 2016 at Adidas Sourcing Limited VNLO hall and the awarding ceremony was precluding to alive with scholars, parents, Hinrich Foundation and participants from companies and Adidas Group. The venue was filled of amazing decorations, warm greeting from organizers and meaningful background illustrations like the ‘Journey of Future Creator.’

Adidas Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for Masters in GPEM 1   

We were very thrilled and excited to show up on that day in Adidas Sourcing company which is in a middle story of the highest tower in Ho Chi Minh City. I enjoyed the impressive aura in the road of Saigon from the rear seat of my friend’s motorbike.

Adidas Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for Masters in GPEM 2
Saigon River with the City Centre night view.

Firstly, we were honored by inspiring speech of Mr. Thomas Scholze, vice president for product operations of adidas group FW Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. His empowerment absolutely awoke us and we got an energized and motivated thinking to be a real future creator. “How to be a future creator,” he asked deeply and that question knocked my conscience to  realize where I am and what I should do for my near future.

The one thing that we really loved is a good chance to meet two persons who graduated from the Vietnamese-German University (VGU). They were also former scholars of Adidas for GPEM program and they shared many amusing experiences of their student life in VGU. They discussed about how they studied hard, enjoyed in the classroom with friendly classmates like a family, and overcame the obstacles from the way they emphasized to be the future creators in their life.

Then again, 12 scholars were awarded with the scholarship certificates of honor, including factory recognized passports and beautiful sports shoes presents from their respective adidas supplier companies. It was my enormous dignity to be celebrated for the very new career and it was quite more than my dreams.

Adidas Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for Masters in GPEM 3
Kevin (centre) with Ms. Mai Nguyen (far right) and Hinrich Foundation Members.

The Chief Operation Officer of Pou Chen Group shared about footwear manufacturing and people empowerment. Program Manager of Hinrich Foundation Mai Nguyen, Education and Training Coordinator Thuy Ho and all foundation members congratulated and encouraged me for the new learning atmosphere in Vietnam and powerful career. After that, the foundation arranged a fantastic group photo with me  and representatives of Pou Chen Group.The scholars were then praised with the meaningful speech of Van Nguyen, director LO strategy and operations of Adidas Group FW Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. “Future creators don’t accept what is. But they create what will be,” she said eagerly.

From then on, three representatives from Adidas Group, directors of operation management, namely Jan Best and  John Harrison, and Director of Manufacturing Lac Nguyen introduced the opportunities of young generation and engineering. They concluded the scholarship award ceremony with valuable knowledge sharing and answering scholars’ questions.

Adidas Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for Masters in GPEM 4
All sponsors and scholars pose for a group photo.

I was extremely impressed by this ceremony and inspired by valuable sharing of great society on that day. The stylistic decoration of the hall, warm welcome to all attendees, affable presenters and well-planned programs made me proud and pleased for being a scholar of this program. And I met with my scholarship sponsors for the first time and was touched by their friendly greeting and kindness.

I was thinking about the day I attended the first conference of Hinrich-Pou Chen scholarship program in Myanmar on May 28 2016. It was my first step to own an unexpected beautiful change of my life which is concerning about an energetic future career. In this conference, they explained the scholarship program and how to apply, and introduced to us the work-integrated learning program and opportunities after graduation.

I strongly wished to be a student of VGU and also deeply wanted to work with an Adidas supplier company. In fact, it was not only my dream but also my mom’s wish to see his son as a scholar. Then, I was awarded a grant to study abroad for the master’s program, which is much beautiful than the life I ever dreamt. I conveyed my gratitude and commitment for our program.

Adidas Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for Masters in GPEM 5
Mr. Steven Shih, executive director of Pou Chen, and Mai Nguyen, education program manager of Hinrich Foundation, present the scholarship certificate and gift to Kevin.
Adidas Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for Masters in GPEM 6
The representatives from adidas and suppliers join the panel orientation with the scholars about the industry and career development.

During the Q&A in Adidas Scholarship awarding ceremony, a scholar asked the directors of Adidas Group about the important criteria to become a good future manufacturing engineer.  Jan explained about the importance of continuous learning and improvement for the young generation to be a good engineer in the near future.

Based on Jan’s explanations and my experiences, I do believe that the power of willingness can always lead to the top of everywhere. But, we should never delay asking or learning something to improve from how we were yesterday. That is the main point for overcoming every tribulation in our practical life. And we should always prepare something that can be applied when opportunities come to our life.  

About the Author – Toe Lattyar Htun (Kevin)

Adidas Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for Masters in GPEM 7

Toe Lattyar Htun lives in Yangon, Myanmar and graduated from Dagon University with a bachelor’s degree in AGTI Computerized Numerical Control and advanced diploma in Mechanical in the UK. He worked as a Factory Operator, Production Supervisor for Production Department and Process Engineer for Engineering Department over three years for the Win Food Co., Ltd in Yangon. He is currently taking up master’s degree in Global Production Engineering and Management at the VGU Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam through a scholarship awarded by Myanmar Pou Chen Co., Ltd and Hinrich Foundation in September 2016.