If you asked me 10 years ago, I would never have pictured myself today working with innovative technologies to improve the lives of everyday people.

I’m Raksa Chan, a Suntex-Hinrich Global Trade Leader studying Global Production Engineering and Management at Vietnamese-German University. During my internship with Suntex, one of the main manufacturers for adidas in Cambodia, I had the opportunity to work on a project implementing smart manufacturing technology for innovation. 

For two months, I have been working with a team that is implementing Automatic Guide Vehicles (AGVs) in factory production lines to ensure workers have correct, and enough, materials to carry out their work. This project allows for more efficient production and fewer product defects, leading to better outcomes for the supply chain.

Experiencing the cutting-edge technology during internship with a Cambodian adidas manufacturer 1

An Automatic Guide Vehicle (AGV) implemented in a Suntex factory in Cambodia

The AGV team collaborates with several other teams at Suntex, including production, innovation, planning and IT. As a result of this, I have improved my interpersonal, teamwork and negotiating skills. Learning how to make effective decisions to continue the improvement of a project is a skill I will take with me throughout my career.  I’ve also greatly advanced my technical skills, working with the new technology that is applied with AGV, as well as my management and problem-solving skills.

During my internship with Suntex, I’ve joined management-level discussions concerning the AGV project, new plans for an additional factory, meetings with suppliers and new technology implementation. It has been an excellent learning experience to be able to apply much of what I have learned in school in a practical way at my internship.

However, I’ve faced some challenges, including dealing with coworkers who are hesitant to engage with the AGV technology and believe it to be less efficient than human labor. That said, we have learned after some time that the technology provides better quality product with fewer defects. Convincing the team was not an easy job, but we were able to do so successfully.  

After two months working at Suntex, I’ve gained so much by learning about the company, working in a professional environment, understanding the production process and improving my skills and applying them in a practical way.

About the author – Raksa Chan (Cambodia, Vietnamese-German University, MSc in Global Production Engineering & Management, ’20)

Experiencing the cutting-edge technology during internship with a Cambodian adidas manufacturer 2

Raksa Chan, a Hinrich Foundation and Suntex Pte., Ltd scholar, is studying for a Master degree in Global Production Engineering and Management at Vietnamese – German University. He previously graduated from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia with a major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has 2 years’ experience working as an electrical engineer at Kingtel Communication Co, Ltd where he was responsible for the company’s onsite electrical system. He recently completed a two-month internship with Suntex Pte., Ltd where he worked in the Innovation Department implementing AGV (Automatic Guide Vehicle) technology in the factory environment.