He Rongrong (Lizzy) 1

He Rongrong (Lizzy)

Hangzhou, China

Hong Kong Baptist University

MSc in Business Management

Work & internships

Employer: CML 
Position: Intern

Awards & citations

Hinrich Foundation – CML Global Trade Leaders Scholarship (2017)

Previous university & major(s)

Zhejiang Gongshang University – Logistics Management (2015)

Scholar status

New scholar – Class of 2017

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My first thought when I learned I was awarded this scholarship

Always be optimistic and grateful! The application has been a long process indeed. However, I kept telling myself that, regardless of the result, applying for this prestigious scholarship itself has already been an opportunity for inner growth.

When I found out I won the scholarship, I believed all my efforts had paid off. I felt proud of myself and thankful to all the people involved in this life-changing journey.

Why I’m interested in trade

Trade has always been my interest and passion. For instance, international trade can enrich and elevate people’s quality of life, especially since world peace and economics are intertwined.

What this scholarship opportunity means to me

This scholarship provides me with an opportunity to pursue higher education, which I currently cannot afford without assistance. It also allows me to develop my personal and professional life.

The international experiences I’m most looking forward to

I look forward to studying in a diverse environment where I can learn and share different experiences with people from different backgrounds. I want to work for an international company where I can do business with other countries and acquire hands-on experience.

What I’ll bring to my dorm to remind me of home and why

I will bring a photograph of my family and a pillow given by my best friend. Their love reminds me of how and why I got to where I am now.

My favorite hobbies and other interests

I love to travel and explore the world. I also enjoy helping people to the best of my ability.

My proudest achievement so far in life

I am proud of every small achievement in all my endeavors. Winning the Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Leader Scholarship is no doubt my proudest moment so far.

The largest obstacle I’ve overcome so far in life

My greatest obstacle in life was trying to convince myself to go out of my comfort zone. I realized that I could do much better than what I was doing. Overcoming that fear felt so good.

My future goals and aspirations

In the short term, I want to study and work hard to improve myself. I would also like to share in the spirit of the Hinrich Foundation. I plan to make the most of this opportunity, and experience as much as I can.

In the long term, I hope to be a professional in global trade and inspire others to participate in it.

How I plan to give back and help others

I want to do the same things that the Hinrich Foundation is doing now. I want to motivate and support young people, especially in their education.

Personal statement

“Do what you fear; do not fear what you do.’’ I heard this saying from my best friend, and it has motivated me to keep going all these years. I try to remain positive in everything; I believe that giving your best in what you do will pay off someday somehow.

Story about He Rongrong (Lizzy)

Born in Hangzhou, China, I have lived a simple and peaceful life. However, I have always felt that there was something missing. Besides enjoying the relaxing moments, I want my life to be challenging, interesting and filled with adventure. I want to get closer to the world by viewing it from a unique angle. I want to speak out for myself and those in need. Improving myself in every aspect is the first step to doing this. I really appreciate this scholarship opportunity and look forward to this new phase in my life.