The Hinrich Foundation has always been in my heart since the first time I got to know about it. It never disappointed me. Its people, work environment, mission and programs made my one-year internship memorable.

I have met many colleagues from different nations but the diversity does not make our culture a melting pot. We keep our own identities in the integration, hence, making everybody a little interesting world so that I could befriend whom I can learn from. Because of the great people, the work environment can’t be bad. I would say it is a family teamwork for corporate productivity. It deserves for me to put my personal benefits behind others. Although not all our activities are 100 percent perfect, all programs have been improving significantly in achieving the mission of promoting sustainable global trade.

An internship leads to a whole new career interest 1The team training in Ho Chi Minh City.

A marketing content coordinator’s cross programs

It was my luck to experience two different kinds of jobs under the same title of Content Marketing Coordinator.

From January to end of March, I had worked under Export Trade Assistance program, in which I did research on industry export performance and potential. My job included identifying and qualifying quality suppliers, and developing relationships with associations to fulfill the Hinrich Foundation’s goal of helping to boost Vietnam exports through more effective marketing.

From April to December, I had worked with the marketing team to manage marketing strategy and implementation. It includes websites and social media networking, marketing activities for all programs, and developing marketing accounts and tools such as Mailchimp, Instapage, Google analytics, Google ad account, tracking tools within the organization.

Challenges and key learning

I was a local journalist and writer before joining Hinrich Foundation team as Content Marketing Coordinator. In the beginning, the differences in language and education background were my two biggest challenges. I had to put behind my career glory for the past five years to start a new role – a marketing coordinator. Luckily, these challenges have turned to opportunities, giving myself a chance to learn new things.

Overcoming the challenges during my internship, I had a wonderful opportunity to learn about digital marketing. For eight months of training and working, I have encountered most of marketing tools and channels through the application of vital skills and knowledge. I would not say that I’m a master, but to some extent, I’m confident enough to talk about techniques such as Google ad words, Google analytics, social media, website content management, email marketing, and marketing strategy and planning.

About soft skills, I used to think that I am calm and careful in nature, yet, still have a room for improvement since I have worked with Hinrich Foundation. My jobs and teammates have taught me how not only to do good, but also a perfect job.

A new career interest

Since my challenges became opportunities, I have learned a whole new field — digital marketing. As marketing department is on its way to build up a core team within the foundation, I still have a long and bright way ahead to go.

In addition, I also had a chance to work in an international environment with colleagues from different backgrounds. Therefore, it is not only my knowledge but also my perspectives about the world that are opened, particularly taking part in Trade Vistas Advisory Board. It is a neutral policy site that seeks balance trade innovation and conversations, which helped me improve my research ability, marketing skills and critical thinking, as well as bringing up a broader professional network.

With work experience as a marketing coordinator and journalism background, I turned out being interested to develop a long-term career as a communication officer. Such position will allow me to work across departments and programs, and be responsible for the internal and external communications of a company with different target audiences.

Communication officers will also do research and create campaigns to advise the company as well as operate a team to produce materials and implement activities. By communicating effectively with their target audience, they facilitate effective communication flows, therefore, being able to enhance a company’s reputation and impact.

About the author – Moon Nguyen

Moon Nguyen

Moon Nguyen is a Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar taking up her MA in International Journalism Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. Currently in her internship year, she is the content marketing coordinator for the Export Assistance Program of Hinrich Foundation based in Ho Chi Minh City.