I am Minh Phuong, and people usually call me Carol from intermediary to high school and college as well, until no one knows my real name. I was so deeply irritated because I couldn’t figure out what I am good at doing, but I can list out a report as long as the dissertation’s length about my weaknesses. Thus, I am here or anywhere with the purpose of finding out all the answers I seek to know.

I love working for small companies because I believe there will be multiple tasks at once, and definitely, I could learn a lot. However, my major reason is still to pursue my purpose and dream.

During the day I sent my resume to companies, I was so selective of company’s name and job description, and The Hinrich Foundation caught my attention. The company’s selection process took so long that I thought I had already been ousted in the “parking-round”, which I refer to the screening round. I received some interview invitations and while I was waiting for the acceptance letter, Ms. Phuong called me and I was a little bit shocked because it was out of my expectation. As an instinct, I opened my laptop and looked for information about the foundation that I saved earlier.

My new journey to HF begins 1
Saying goodbye to Cambodia Hinrich Foundation member, Sophorn Huy (Third from right), Vietnam Team (From left to right) Mai, Phuong, Me, Thuy and Chi pose for posterity.

Once again, I freaked out during the interview with Ms. Mai and Ms. Phuong. I was asked about things I still didn’t have answers for myself, so I exaggerated my speculation (about me for sure), and the conversation didn’t go smoothly. This time, I assumed my failure, and decided to work for other company. Then, the phone rang, I picked up and hear Ms. Phuong on the other line. I got unexpected invitation to have a discussion with Mr. Alex Boome, the foundation’s program director. Until this state, I was still not sure if I already passed. Happiness came at the last minute before Lunar New Year, as it was announced that I’ve been accepted and will start to work after Tet.

As of this writing, this is my third week and I’ve been working closely with Ms. Phuong, I wrote social media content for March; something I have never done before. I was thankful for the training session, that was carefully and professionally organized by senior staffs here (Thuy, Mai, Phuong and Ly). Ms. Phuong followed up on me so well, kindly teaching me how to do the assigned tasks and checking whether I did it right. I know everybody here is an expert and busy with his/her tasks, but still highly supports me. The environment is so friendly and professional. I really admired the way people work together here with close connections.

Until now, I believe that any decision whether right or wrong, still plays important contributions that make up who I am today with such professionalism. I am happy to be a part of the Hinrich Foundation, to contribute my little effort and learn from the team. The old movie, ‘Forrest Gump’ is also not an exception in shaping my mind and thinking, as it also motivates me in doing my current tasks, in longer term, to achieve my goal.

About the Author – Huynh Minh Phuong (Carol)        

My new journey to HF begins 2

Phuong Huynh is intern of Trade education & training program of Hinrich Foundation. She is a recent graduate from Greenwich University of United Kingdom, majoring in Business Administration. Her job scope is to mainly support the program in marketing promotion on social media, website, forum channels, eDM item, materials and logistics for some events. She also helps in scholarship recruitment through application screening and contacting.