During my summer vacation on my third year of study, I went on a “green” journey to Sweden and Denmark to explore the concept of sustainability as integrated into global trade and our daily life. Overall it was a great experience that helped open our minds, inspired personal growth and developed trade leadership skills.

The experience was marvelous because it was an opportunity to learn. I traveled to Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark from May 26 to June 5, 2017. It was great to see eco-friendly buildings and the green lifestyle in both cities. More importantly, I saw how small environmental initiatives can lead to long-term sustainability. All thanks to the Hinrich Foundation for supporting scholars and developing future trade leaders.

Study Tour in Europe: Living a Green Lifestyle in Denmark 1
Our study tour group enjoyed the clear blue sky and an amazing lunch made with the help of locals at a common house in Denmark.

Experience Sharing

I gained so many unforgettable memories after the tour. I am excited to share them and let people know how happy I am because of this opportunity.

We were divided into two groups, and I was elected leader of group one. Because of this role, I was able to enhance my understanding of team leadership and team spirit. One of our activities was to plant flowers and seedlings to make the environment greener. Different people performed different roles, such as loosening the dirt, ploughing out the weed, transporting new flowers and plants, planting and watering. I evaluated the tasks and my group members. I assigned people to their role according to their strengths and interests so that members would be happy and perform better. To us, our tasks did not seem like a chore at all. Instead, we saw our activity as a leisurely experience.

We also planted beautiful flowers. They were not simply flowers, though. They were about our friendship, caring for the environment and how small deeds leave a huge impact on many lives. We finished the whole process smoothly. Some of us even made a promise to come see the flowers again next year.

Study Tour in Europe: Living a Green Lifestyle in Denmark 2
The flowers we planted represent our friendship and commitment to take care of the environment.

One of the memorable experiences was to prepare and have a lunch outdoor. All the food was organic and planted by the community. We picked vegetables, made sauces, and baked bread from scratch all by ourselves until it was perfect. The activity allowed us to enjoy nature, which we did not have the opportunity to do in Hong Kong. The surroundings were as beautiful as a garden. As our Danish guide said, gardening can bring so much joy in life. Indeed, people can have great fun just planting flowers and vegetables.

On this study tour I learned that, with a little green initiative, we can make a difference.

About the author – HE Wanjing (Sophie)

Study Tour in Europe: Living a Green Lifestyle in Denmark 3

HE Wanjing (Sophie) is a Year 3 Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholar pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Hong Kong Baptist University. As a scholar, she has been studying Marketing since September 2016. She is interested in communication and is preparing to promote trade upon graduation.