An exclusive Summer Networking event hosted by the Hinrich Foundation has opened new opportunities for partnership and growth for the Export Manager Advanced Training (EMAT) participants. The activity connects export management trainees with stakeholders, partners and scholars of the Hinrich Foundation.

Summer Networking builds strong partnerships 1
Professor Gunnar Kassberg (left) chats with a participant.

An exchange of ideas

The Summer Networking event is the culmination of the EMAT training program, held in partnership with the Vietnamese-German University and designed specifically for professionals in the export industry. Besides the practical coursework, mobile learning modules, and one-on-one business coaching and consulting, the networking event serves as one of the benefits of the program.

Summer Networking builds strong partnerships 2
Kevin (left), a scholar of the Hinrich Foundation, and Garry Nguyen (right) from Adidas are all smiles.

On Saturday, June 24, 2017, the spotlight was on the participants of the EMAT Cohort 1 and Cohort 2. The activity became an avenue for Hinrich Foundation Master’s scholars, alumni and partners to meet the trainees up close and exchange ideas and stories about the export industry.

Everyone is ‘dynamic and open-minded’

More than 30 trainees were introduced to the Foundation’s professional community during the event. They shared powerful testimonials, each with a different perspective on business and trade. They also talked about their own businesses and learned from the wisdom of like-minded peers.

Summer Networking builds strong partnerships 3
The atmosphere is relaxed and cordial.

The enthusiasm of the participants proves that the training program not only provides learning opportunities but also offers a chance to build strong business partnerships. One participant even brought his product GAC fruit to the event since the activity became the perfect opportunity to introduce his product offering to others.

“It is not just a networking event. It is time for us to get to know each other better after a month of studying together,” says Trung Nguyen, an EMAT Cohort 2 participant. “Everyone is dynamic and open-minded when sharing their experience and success in export. It is also good for us to do business together.”

Summer Networking builds strong partnerships 4
Participants get the chance to share ideas and products, such as GAC fruit, with each other.

Professor Gunnar Kassberg was glad to see everyone from Cohorts 1 and 2 together. “I got a chance to once again see many people from the Export Manager Course 1 and 2. Thank you for organizing this event. It is great to be part of it,” he shares. 

Summer Networking builds strong partnerships 5
The group gathers for a memorable photo-op.

Upcoming cohorts in the Philippines, Hanoi

The Hinrich Foundation is dedicated to supporting individuals, organizations and businesses through scholarship opportunities, career development, and trade assistance and research. With the positive feedback and insights shared by the first two batches of EMAT participants, the training program is set to continue Cohort 3 in the Philippines (October 2017) and Cohort 4 in Hanoi (November 2017).

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About the author – Tara Phan

Summer Networking builds strong partnerships 6

Tara Phan joined the Hinrich Foundation in April 2017 as a coordinator. Her responsibilities include working with diverse stakeholders to plan, market and execute the projects in Trade Scholarships & Careers program. Furthermore, she supports some marketing items for scholarships and Education’s events. Upon graduation, she experienced variety roles and joined in organization to make herself challenging.