I recently had the honor of witnessing Mr. Merle A. Hinrich, founder and chairman of the Hinrich Foundation, receive the Beta Gamma Sigma Entrepreneurial Achievement Award, which recognizes “outstanding individuals who combine innovative business achievement with service to humanity.” He is one of only three people to receive the honor this year.

The Beta Gamma Sigma Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Chapter presented the award to Mr. Hinrich at a Sept. 28 ceremony in the Shaw Campus of Hong Kong Baptist University. He was also selected as Chapter Honouree.

Taking inspiration from Mr. Hinrich's entrepreneurial spirit 1
Mr. Merle Hinrich and Phoebe Lu (rightmost) presents certificates of scholarship to Kelly Zhu (right) and Cecilia Long (left).

It was only my second time meeting Mr. Hinrich. Cecilia Long, a fellow Hinrich Foundation scholar, and I were at the event to receive our certificates of scholarship. Mr. Hinrich and Phoebe Lu presented the certificates to us, and it was a great honor accepting them with an audience that included the Hinrich Foundation leadership, my schoolmates and friends.

Taking inspiration from Mr. Hinrich's entrepreneurial spirit 2
Mr. Y. M. Wong of Hong Kong Baptist University asks Mr. Hinrich about the factors that contributed to his success.

During the dialogue session hosted by Mr. Y. M. Wong, my professor in entrepreneurship and innovative thinking at HKBU, Mr. Hinrich was asked to share what factors contributed to his success. He mentioned sales and marketing, which really excited and encouraged me because I wanted to pursue a career in marketing.

Mr. Hinrich’s statement that rejection is one step closer to getting a “yes” is another thing that resonated with me.

Taking inspiration from Mr. Hinrich's entrepreneurial spirit 3
Phoebe Lu shares her journey from being a Hinrich Foundation scholar to an entrepreneur.

Being brave in the face of rejection and negativity is an important lesson I learned during my first month in Hongkong. I think each of us has our unique flaws, and we have to overcome our fears to be able to achieve our goals.

About the author – Kelly Zhu
Taking inspiration from Mr. Hinrich's entrepreneurial spirit 4

Kelly Zhu is among the 2018 recipients of the Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Leader Scholarship. She is currently in her first year at Hong Kong Baptist University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration, major in marketing.