Vini Damayanti 1

Vini Damayanti

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in Internasional Journalism Studies

Work & internships

Employer: Hinrich Foundation

Awards & citations

Hinrich Global Trade Leaders Scholarship (2018)

Previous university & major(s)

Universitas Indonesia – English (Bachelor of Humanities) (2005)

Scholar status

New scholar – Class of 2018

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My first thought when I learned I was awarded this scholarship

“Is this for real?”.

This thought came across my mind when I read an e-mail that told me that I was awarded the scholarship. I only sat and stared at my laptop for a few minutes, trying to absorb the news. After composing myself, I told my aunt who was living with me. She cried tears of joy because she knew how much I really wanted to study abroad.

Why I’m interested in trade

Trade cannot be separated from my daily life. When I worked as a lifestyle journalist, I met local entrepreneurs producing interesting products, which I am proud to use and collect. I am also a reseller for Indonesian mass-produced pants.

What this scholarship opportunity means to me

I will not only learn more about journalism in an international scale but also have the chance to expand my network. I will also experience living abroad on my own – far from my family and friends – and I believe this will make me a better individual and professional.

The international experiences I’m most looking forward to

Meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures – mainly because Hong Kong is a country where the East and the West meet. Since I will be staying there for a few months, I would like to take a Cantonese class so that it would be easier for me to converse with the locals.

What I’ll bring to my dorm to remind me of home and why

Some of my clothes featuring batik, a traditional Indonesian design done by wax-resist dyeing. I will bring and wear these clothes so I will feel at home. I will also bring an Indonesian desk calender so I don’t miss any special events in my hometown. Most importantly, I will bring pictures of my grandma and my graduation ceremony. Seeing these will motivate me to study harder and help me survive whenever I face difficulties.

My favorite hobbies and other interests

Traveling and playing badminton. I always find something new when I visit a place – not only abroad but also in Indonesia. These experiences become invaluable and unforgettable memories to me. I also love badminton. I play badminton with my friends and colleagues regularly, and even watch the games with them in the stadium when there are international tournaments.

My proudest achievement so far in life

Receiving this scholarship from the Hinrich Foundation. I am honored to be a part of the team.

The largest obstacle I’ve overcome so far in life

When my grandmother passed away several years ago. I was raised by her, and when she died, I was quite devastated. I realized later on that one of the greatest things I could do to honor her was to find joy again and live the way she would have wanted me to.

I am sure she would be proud to see how far I’ve come.

My future goals and aspirations

Establishing a start-up media that addresses the issues of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). I hope I can help SMEs, especially those in the remote areas of Indonesia, develop their business.

How I plan to give back and help others

Sharing the skills and knowledge that I will pick up while studying at Hong Kong Baptist University and working at the Hinrich Foundation. I will write articles about trade and entrepreneurial issues or collaborate with the media and government during events.

Personal statement

Going to school to further my education is a huge privilege, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do so as a scholar of Hinrich Foundation’s Global Trade Leader Development Program. This was a fantastic surprise, and it made me feel that everything I was working toward in my future is finally within reach. I believe this scholarship will lead me to opportunities and achievements in the future, and I will make sure that everything that I learn will not be wasted and will be used to contribute to the improvement of my community.

Story about Vini Damayanti

Vini Damayanti has been working in lifestyle media for more than a decade. When she was in high school, she was interested in working in a field that would make it possible for her to interact with people from different backgrounds. This passion led her to take English as her bachelor’s degree in Universitas Indonesia. She later joined a magazine club, which started her interest in writing, media and journalism.

Her dream came true when she joined Femina Group after graduating from college. As a journalist, she wrote articles to educate and empower young women on health, finance and career. She also covered international concerts, products launches, sports competitions and educational events organized by the government, which enabled her to meet different kinds of people.

Vini also has a background in events management. She took part in the Jakarta Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event in Southeast Asia organized by the Femina Group. She was the media relations and show manager, which allowed her to work with both journalists and international designers.