Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association

A community of leaders promoting sustainable global trade

The Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association (HFAA) was established to create a community of young trade leaders committed to promoting sustainable global trade.

Led by the Alumni Leadership Committee, the HFAA includes people who have benefited from the Foundation’s programs, providing a platform for lifelong learning. Country Chapter Leaders organize training under the Professional Development Series, networking events and scholar-alumni socials.

Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association

Alumni Leadership Committee (ALC) 2018-2020

A lifelong professional development resource center

As part of our commitment to continuously train and enhance career development opportunities for our alumni, we organize bespoke leadership development training and industry engagement programs.

Our HFAA mentoring program helps interested alumni realize the benefits of being both a mentor and mentee.

“For me, meeting our scholars and seeing what they are doing with their lives is very gratifying. I enjoy supporting them in any way I can on their lifelong journey.”

Merle A. Hinrich for the Hong Kong Tatler

A global networking platform

The HFAA also serves as a networking platform for our growing community of Global Trade Leader program alumni. Networking activities are regularly organized by local alumni Country Chapters and by the Foundation team.

We strengthen connections among our international alumni through our HFAA Connect newsletter. Every month, we update alumni about training, careers, gatherings, new scholarships, special offers and global trade


An incubator for the Foundation’s leadership team

Ultimately, it is our goal to have scholars become the future leaders of the Hinrich Foundation. As such, the HFAA has the mission to incubate talent for director-level and executive-level roles in the Foundation and to engage our alumni in the development and evolution of our programs and in the identification of future beneficiaries.