The HFAA Hong Kong & Shenzhen chapter recently organized a get-together last May 11-12 led by its country chapter leader Sam Li (China, HKBU BBA ’16) and ALC Vice President Phoebe Lu (China, HKBU BBA ’14). A total of 26 scholars and alumni took part in the exciting two-day scholar and alumni event.

HFAA-Scholar Connect: Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2019 1

HFAA Hong Kong & Shenzhen chapter leader Sam Li poses with Ramzan Miah, our Bangladeshi alumnus who is now based in Zhongshan, Guangdong province.

HFAA-Scholar Connect: Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2019 2

Abdul Rahoof, our India scholar studying journalism in Hong Kong seems excited for his turn to introduce himself to the group!

 The first day started with introduction from all participants, which included all scholars from Hong Kong and a number of our alumni based in Shenzhen. We’re honored to have Ramzan Miah (Bangladesh, HK PolyU IPE ’15), our Bangladeshi alumnus who now works as Speed engineer at VF-Zhongshan. Also, our new scholar Eddie Cai (China, INSEAD MBA ’20) flew the same day from Beijing to Shenzhen to join the gathering and meet for the first time his fellow HF scholars.

Back-to-back professional development series

First to speak was HF Program director Alex Boome who talked about Winning behavior for work readiness via a remote Skype session. The topic was especially designed for our graduating scholars to help prepare them as they enter the workforce soon. Alex focused on our education program’s keywords Aspire – Learn – Grow – Lead in his discussion, and how there must be an alignment between the company’s needs and the employee’s objectives.

HFAA-Scholar Connect: Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2019 3

Helmut’s Soft skills for managers & leaders masterclass received enormous response from the audience.

 Markant Managing Director and HF Honorary Global Trade Leader Helmut Schwarting led the second session on essential Soft skills for managers & leaders. Helmut focused on effective communication, which he said is the mother of all soft skills. He shared the communication style concept of DISC (Dominance – Influence – Compliance – Steadiness) and its association with the behavior of the eagle, the parrot, the owl and the dove, respectively.

HFAA-Scholar Connect: Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2019 4

Panel discussion

Following this was a panel discussion featuring our very own alumni James Gong (HKBU BBA ’13, QF Pay), Ching Wang (HKBU BBA ’12, Anker) and Anson Yang (HKBU BAIJS ’07, Global Sources), who are now leading their own teams. They shared their most challenging experiences as managers and how soft skills made a huge difference in keeping their team positive and productive! Phoebe facilitated the discussion.

The awarding of HFAA induction certificates to the graduating journalism and business management scholars from the Hong Kong Baptist University was another important highlighted in the event.

MAIJS HKBU, Class of 2019

  • Charlee Delavin (Philippines)
  • Pheana Sopheak (Cambodia)
  • Putro Agus (Indonesia)
  • Rahoof Abdul (India)
  • Yen Nguyen (Vietnam)
  • Vini Damayanti (Indonesia)

MSc in Business Management, HKBU scholars Class of 2019

  • Lizzy He (China, joint scholar with Supplier CML Management Ltd)
  • Juliette Li (China, joint scholar with Knoll Printing & Packaging Ltd.)

HFAA-Scholar Connect: Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2019 5

The full-day agenda ended with canapes and refreshments, socializing and pictures!

 Tencent headquarters tour

The next morning, May 12, The Hinrich Foundation scholars and team visited the tech giant Tencent’s massive headquarters in Shenzhen. Tencent HR Specialist Leanne Li gave scholars an introduction of Tencent and the job opportunities it offers.

HFAA-Scholar Connect: Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2019 6

Last stop of the HFAA-Scholar Connect: Hong Kong & Shenzhen was the Tencent factory visit where the scholars also learned the job opportunities available in the global tech giant.

HFAA-Scholar Connect: Hong Kong & Shenzhen 2019 7

 “Everyone knows Tencent is giant and strong in China, but after visiting its new headquarter in Shenzhen Binhai Mansion and listening to the HR’s introduction on company growing, job opportunities, recruitment procedure, staff care and the Q&A session with HR department, I’ve understood better why it has grown so big and keeps changing people’s lives. Amazing trip and experience! Thanks so much for the organization,” participant Juliette Li (China, HKBU MScBM ’19) said.