Corporate Partners

We are partnering with leading companies across the global trade value chain who are committed to proactively developing the next generation of trade leadership.

Corporate Partners

To equip graduates with the expertise they need to succeed in their trade careers, we work with employers to create tailored programs that deliver a blend of practical trade knowledge and skills. 

Our partners range from global apparel and footwear brands to supply chain experts and trade publishers, and share a commitment to attracting, developing and retaining next generation leadership talent.

Some of the forward-looking companies with which we’ve worked include:

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Our objective is to produce future trade leaders that are well prepared for the challenges of the dynamic trade environment and that can help their companies achieve business growth and sustainability. Our employers are engaged in our scholar selection and curriculum development. They may also participate in co-funding the scholarships provided to individual students.

Read about our scholars’ visit to two corporate partners, a Taiwanese Adidas supplier and an apparel manufacturer in Vietnam.

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