Corporate Partners

Talent development, retention and acquisition for companies across global value chains: That is our critical focus when engaging with Employer Partners through our Global Trade Leader Program.

Corporate Partners 1

Over the past 15 years, we have partnered with companies to support their talent development strategies through our scholarship programs. We are thrilled to continue collaborating with longstanding partners including VF Corp, adidas Group, Luen Thai and others.

Corporate Partners 2

Our new Global Trade Leader Program, the RMIT University Master of Global Trade, is centered on industry engagement and partnerships. We have 19 new Employer Partners across the global trade value chain who are with us and RMIT to develop their mid-career talent and attract new talent through Master of Global Trade scholarship program.

Corporate Partners 3

The RMIT Master of Global Trade is an employer-driven program focused on producing next-generation leaders with exceptional strategic and 21st century management skills. Taught by industry experts with extensive career experience in trade, the program offers a practical and flexible education geared towards mid-career professionals who are eager to enhance their leadership skills and fast track their career in the global trade sector.

To learn more about becoming an Employer Partner and further developing your leadership talent, please contact us!