Anson Yang 1

Anson Yang

Mainland China

Hong Kong Baptist University

BA in International Journalism

Class of 2007


“Promoting sustainable global trade” was actually a new concept for me. One thing I admire about the Hinrich Foundation is that it works hard to achieve that goal. The scholar program, one of several programs of the organization, is a good example of how the concept is put into action. Let me explain a little bit by telling my own experience to you.

Scholarship, studies

I believe I wasn’t the most outstanding applicant according to my transcripts when Hinrich Foundation selected me to get the scholarship. I think it is my communication skills and enthusiasm for journalism that helped me to win.

My parents were very happy to know that I could go to Hong Kong and have chance to work for a listed company after graduation. As typical Chinese parents, they were always worried about my career, marriage and children.

As for me, the scholarship relieved me of my financial hardships and allowed me to go to school. More importantly, it was a great opportunity for me, a mainland student, who otherwise would most likely finish my studies in mainland. This was especially a treasure in 2005 because the educational exchange between Mainland and Hong Kong was not as open as it is now.

Hong Kong is a perfect place to study journalism as it embraces freedom of speech. I learned comprehensive journalism theories and technique, and implemented them in practice. Also, in a place where Chinese and foreign cultures converge, I could learn from different people with unique backgrounds. Additionally in this city which positions itself as an Asian financial center, I had more chance to experience business activities, which help me later in my job.


Global Sources offered paid internship to scholars. In my summer break, I went to the company’s Shenzhen office to work as an intern. My job was to write reports on new export products for buyers. Everyday I contacted suppliers in China to collect their new product information, and wrote short descriptions for each of them.

Although it looked like trivial work, it requires many journalistic skills. First I needed to find the right suppliers who release new products. Then, I need to use my communication skills to explain to the interviewee what is required for the report. Lastly, I need to write up short but attractive desriptions for buyers. I also needed to keep good relationship with my interviewees, for I might need to contact them again in the future!

The internship helped me to get familiar with the working mode and environment in Global Sources. In addition, Global Sources also offered an opportunity for scholars to attend its trade show: China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong. It was a good chance for me to get in touch with buyers and suppliers from around the world.


Global Sources is flexible to offer job in different locations. When I graduated, I could choose Shenzhen, Xiamen and Ningbo to work. It was great experience for me to work in Ningbo for two years. As a Cantonese, I haven’t had living experience outside Guangdong (Hong Kong is within the circle of Cantonese culture). I then transferred to Shenzhen where I am now.

I work in a department responsible for providing suppliers’ product information for buyers. My daily work is to identify new product trend and export issues, research related information, interview suppliers and related people and write up stories.

I think I’ve been trained to quickly adapt to different kind of jobs and how to make them better.