Bun Sophal 1

Bun Sophal


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2014


Work & Interships

Employer:Hinrich Foundation Ltd.

Position:Export Trade Assistance Cambodia Program

Work Duration: June 2014 to present

In the past six years while I was working as an editor for newsletter in a center, nodal to the Ministry of Health, I have written and edited many articles and research findings regarding to health promotion and community development. I have traveled throughout the 20 malaria-ridden provinces in the country for fulfilling this work.

In this position I not only worked as an editor but also a designer of IEC materials(information, education and communication) at the National Center for Parasitology Entomology and Malaria Control.

Honestly, I didn’t have much knowledge or background in journalism just a limited one from a few short training courses until I got the scholarship offered by Hinrich Foundation to study for M.A in International Journalism in Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), then I realize that all my previous journalistic work and writing were just the groundbreaking.

Besides in the past 12 years, most of my work was devoted to education and training and in the fresh start in the last eight months prior to coming to Hong Kong for another M.A, coupled with my M.A in Development Studies back in Cambodia, I also gained some experiences in an advertising and marketing company. That provides me a sound experience not just on creative writing but also public relation and communication on business.

Moreover I expect to diversify my skills and practices more potentially to get more experiences. I hope Hinrich Foundation is the cornerstone on these. I am eager to learn and help promoting job creation, skills and training for the disadvantaged people back in my country when I graduated from HKBU.

Regarding to learning in Hong Kong, I have learned immensely interacting with classmates, exposed to different cultures and gained practical experiences from lecturers, instructors, researchers and guest speakers tremendously on their embedded journalistic work experiences. Furthermore, I have learnt a lot on culture, people and civilization.

Now I am developing myself in the concept to think out of the box, think differently and act creatively. The world is changing what you have learnt today can be obsolete once you step out of the door.

Learning is boundless, no matter where you are, who you are, how old you are, you can start something anytime, anywhere provided that you put your heart to it.

Everything is on the right track now, thanks for Hinrich Foundation providing a new world of knowledge to my life. This is my first ever experience living and learning abroad. Thanks again for Alex for this great opportunity, support and truth.

I determine to bring back knowledge and experiences for my country, Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder.