Cecilia Long (China)

Hong Kong Baptist University
Bachelor of Business Administration ’20

Cecilia Long (China) 1

Constant effort to dig out interesting ways to promote global trade is my goal and my way of expressing my gratefulness to Hinrich Foundation.

I am a year four student of Bachelor of Business Administration, marketing concentration at Hong Kong Baptist University. I consider myself a proactive person and I am always looking for ways to challenge myself. I think I was chosen for this meaningful program because of my passion.

Even after joining the program, I constantly try to equip myself with new experiences. For example, I applied to be the scholar coordinator of Hinrich Foundation and I always work in fields beyond my major. I also helped man the international trade show organized by Hinrich Foundation to promote Asian products and interned at a 4A advertising company to strengthen the bond between international companies and consumers to boost trade.

I have strong faith in trade; I believe it is an essential way to better the living conditions of people around the world. Thanks to Hinrich Foundation, I have never been this close to my aspirations. Hinrich Foundation provides me with training to cultivate my skills and opportunities to expand my network. I will keep working to promote global trade and I hope I can inspire more people along the process.

Previous university & major
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration 
Work & internships
Coresight Research Inc.