Celeste Zeng (China)

National University of Singapore
MBA ’20

Celeste Zeng (China) 1

A leader is not responsible for making decisions, his or her job is to ensure the best decisions are made.

I was born in China and studied in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK. I’ve always been curious about ways to blend ancient Chinese philosophies with modern management principles in business. I appreciate beauty of their differences and chemistry of their compatibilities.

Working in Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Corporate innovation teams, I enjoyed horizontal learning from different fields and will continue to sign up for new challenges. I also believe the best leaders think strategically and execute resiliently; I treasure opportunities in school or at work to observe and model different styles to form my own understanding of leadership.

I aspire to be a true global entrepreneur and I never stop preparing myself for it. Maybe I will never be as successful as I thought, but we call a dream a dream because it keeps you motivated and excited about the possibilities regardless of the reality. In the end, it’s the journey that matters.

All in all, I believe integrity, humility, empathy and curiosity is the winning recipe of leadership.

Previous university & major
Hong Kong Baptist University, Bachelor of Business Administration
Work & internships