Pik_ scholar profile

Chanthalangsy Phiengphaneth (Pik)


Uni. of Philippines, Los Banos

MS in Development & Communication

Class of 2015

Current scholar

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My first thought when I learned I was awarded this scholarship

Before I was awarded this scholarship I thought that I wanted to have higher education to produce an effective and efficient job output in another level. Yes when the chance come to me, it was so impressing myself to look forward what I will help my country after graduate. I believe that everyone has equal chance, and for now I learn that even we have a good chance but how we use the chance as a opportunity to bring a benefit back to the society that is more important that I have learn after I was awarded the scholarship.

Why I’m interested in trade

Before I don’t know what a trade is about and even now I am not sure if I have a correct understanding about trade. If trade is talking about one machine drive the economic growth I think I wouldn’t have anything to do because I am not an economists but for me, I am interesting in sustainable development and trade is one of the major drive to achieve this goal by providing an innovation activities, productivities, and for a long term benefit to our society.

What this scholarship opportunity means to me

For me to have this opportunity meaning I have a very big chance to improve my competent in order to continuous my work in the development field. With out this opportunity I don’t know how many years I can improve my skill if just only practice in the real world. Together with my work experience and what I have learn from school I think it will help me to get faster.

The international experiences I’m most looking forward to

Actually I haven’t think about having the international experience as of now I think about how to help my country from what knowledge that I learn from school right now. So, if the chance come to me I am looking to join the group of policy making because as an international level I would like to have an experience on how we develop the policy, long term strategy and work with a difference culture and environment.

What I’ll bring to my dorm to remind me of home

I can say during my studying time I don’t have any specific thing to remind me about home because everything in the Philippines are also similar to my country and it doesn’t make me far from home because of the technology.

My favorite hobbies and other interests

I don’t have any specify activities for my hobby.

My proudest achievement so far in life

I am the one of Hinrich Foundation Scholars student.

The largest obstacle I’ve overcome so far in life

The difficulty that I was facing in the past it was about my work that I had to work in another level of my skill and knowledge, but so far I don’t think that it was a difficulty because with this feeling it made me looking to continuous study for my master. Just so far while I am living in the Philippine, I have a problem with my food allergic.

My future goals and aspirations

In a short time coming, I am thinking to go back to help my country in term of promote the farmer to produce an innovation product. And because I study about Development and Communication I would like to help farmer to promote and empower they capacity in producing an innovation products.

How I plan to give back and help others

I think every thing that I will do after I graduate it will contribute to my country whether work with the government or non-government organization but the most thing if it is possible I want to do is a part time teacher with some college for any subject that I have learn from UPLB. For me to do this I can give my help directly to the young people who have no chance to study abroad.

Personal statement

To have this opportunity, for me it doesn’t mean that I was lucky but I was about all Lao people opportunity giving to me. Therefore, I will use my knowledge to create the opportunity to people in my country.

Story about Chanthalangsy Phiengphaneth (Pik)

For Pik it’s more than an opportunity to study abroad but it’s a dream as well for many women like her in one of the poorest countries like Lao DPR. For her, having a Master degree is a key to knowledge not only for herself but also to share with many people in remote area that she met from her works.

5 years of applying a scholarship, until 2013 she was confirmed that she was offered funded support from Hinrich Foundation to study Master degree in Development and Communication (DEVCOM) in The University of Philippines, Los Banos.

Pik always tells her friend and many people who asking her with the same question of “what Development and Communication (DEVCOM) study is about”. She said: “Studying in DEVCOM is not like what I thought before I came to the Philippines that the DEVCOM people will be the one who work on promotion, doing a facilitator job, or public relations. Yes it’s truth but not the only thing. DEVCOM can also be applied to every unit of organizations, communities, societies and even a group conversation. Instead of sending a message / information between senders and receivers, DEVCOM helps in having knowledge, changing attitude and practice (KAP) through communication.”

Now she understood about development and communication. More than that, she said: “From my last working experience with many different non-profit organization in my own country, I found that a master degree it really helpful and useful for me. When I finish my study I will go back to Laos helping other people who have no opportunity like I had. I know there are many organizations who are working and helping us but who will know our country better than local people?”