Vera Chen

Chen YanYu (Vera)

Mainland China

Hong Kong Baptist University

BA in International Journalism

Class of 2011


Back from the Global Source welcome event for HKBU 2010 scholars. (Pictured left to right: Cheese Chen, Irene Huang, Vera Chen, Eleven Liu.).

When I was a teenage girl, my teacher introduced a contemporary poet to us on class. Six years later, I met this legendary poet in the adjacent school in Hong Kong, and got his signature in my book.

Thanks to Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarships, I got a chance to open the door to a different realm, full of uncertainty but extraordinary sceneries, including meeting with brilliant people.

Besides the poet, I met Alex Boome, program director of Hinrich Foundation. He is a warm and loving father to all of the scholars. I met brilliant teachers like Robin Ewing, Judith Clark, Steve Guo in Hong Kong Baptist University, and other scholars from Vietnam and Cambodia. I became very close with Cheese and Eleven, two other scholars from my original school. And the best thing is that all of us have become experts on Hong Kong’s dim sum!

I appreciate the university education I had, two years in mainland and two years in Hong Kong, which enriches my experience and thoughts. I was always asked about the difference between the two systems, and I can always give different elaborations each time. So I become an expert on this question too.

The other knowledge I acquire during these years including speaking fluent Cantonese, learning very basic French and Japanese, feeling comfortable in parties and introducing myself to foreigners. Besides, I treasure how I become mature and independent and knowing how to form my own opinions.

I am now even more eager to learn from everything including challenging courses in the school, internships assigned by Global Sources (I worked for Visitor Marketing Department in Shenzhen as an intern for two moths), and also the many working opportunities offered by the company. The program is a perfect match between the desire of a curious young man or woman and a company’s educational vision.

I am now going to work as a conference producer in July 2011 in Global Source. They were serious about arranging interviews and knowing the scholars’ interests and goals in mind. I have a feeling of being helped by a stable hand from my study to career.

I want to see more students got the chance of knowing the Hinrich Scholarships, enjoying a more exciting journey of life starting from here.