Do Ha Thu

Do Ha Thu

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in international Journalism study

Work & interships

Employer: Hinrich Foundation

Position: Education Consultant

Awards & citations

Scholarship in 2015 at Hong Kong Baptist University, MA in International Journalism Studies

Previous university & major(s)

National Cheng Kung University/Business Administration

Class of 2016

Current scholar

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My first thought when I learned I was awarded this scholarship

Honestly, I was not really surprised while receiving email saying I was selected for the scholarship. I had had a great talk with Alex, our Program director and the interview panel couple days before the announcement, and the more I learned about the organization and the scholarship program, the more I felt it was a perfect fit for me. Though I was not 100 percent sure, when things go right, you just know it.  My first action was to google for a book in journalism as I would be studying the field I was not familiar with.

Why I’m interested in trade

Everybody is involved in trade in some ways. When I was little, I used my pocket money to buy books that I liked, finished reading and then “traded” with my friends to have another book to read without spending more money. In a bigger scope, I have seen trade and commerce transformed lives of many people in my country Vietnam, especially farmers. Trade brings prospects if every party is given equal opportunities.

What this scholarship opportunity means to me

To me, this is a life-changing opportunity, as I have the chance to be exposed to new things that I have never thought I would, which is journalism, especially in Hong Kong where is famous for being a melting pot of culture and freedom of press. Since my academic background and working experience are all in business, I take this as a challenge that I am eager to cope with.

The international experiences I’m most looking forward to

When I was studying in Taiwan for my bachelor degree, I befriended with a girl from Belize, the Central American country I had never heard of before. Our friendship made me know more about her country and it was really interesting to know how different it was between the two nations’ culture. Needless to say, Hong Kong is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, thus I really expect to meet people from different countries and background to broaden my understanding about the world.

What I’ll bring to my dorm to remind me of home

I bring hometown’s food whenever I am on a go. I would say Vietnamese coffee is a must.

My favorite hobbies and other interests

My biggest hobbies are travelling and photography. I got my Nikon D7000 with me. Other than that, I love reading non-fiction books in variety of subjects, such as business, psychology, history… and watching documentaries. I watch comedian sometimes to relax.

My proudest achievement so far in life

Once I was successful in leading a group of about 10 primary school pupils cleaning up their campus, teaching them how to collect and classify rubbish while we were implementing a cooperate social responsibility project in a village. It was not planned, but more like an ad-hoc activity. Though it may not be considered an “achievement” in its full meaning, I was really proud that I came up with the idea of doing so as it was really meaningful to the community and the result was really something tangible, we helped to create a clean environment for the children to study.

The largest obstacle I’ve overcome so far in life

I would say the toughest time in my life so far was when I was 24 years old, working in India for a 3 month internship. It was the first time I experienced serious work pressure, culture shock, food poisoning and loneliness. But now looking back, it was the most precious time in my life when I learnt about myself and grown up.

My future goals and aspirations

I want to be helpful to the society. Whatever I do, I wish it would benefit as many people as possible.

How I plan to give back and help others

I want to build a sustainable distribution model for small farmers for them to get access to higher value added market.

Personal statement

“Let the world change you and then you change the world.” – Che Guevara

Story about Do Ha Thu

Do Ha Thu has a fun-loving, out-going personality that makes her friends always feel comfortable with her company.  She enjoys making new friends, listening to people’s stories and learning from others. She would love to share with you her story too, story that she still keeps on writing, story about her growing up and exploring the world.

She is the youngest child in her family, who is the most fortunate one to be able to receive education abroad, and step on lands that are far away from home. Her childhood hobby of watching Chinese movies motivated her to learn and master the language and gave her chance to study in Taiwan, mainland China and then now Hong Kong.

Being good at math and always performing well in school, working in financial sector seemed to be the best and easiest path for her. However, her passion of giving back to the society has driven her to choose to work in non-governmental organizations, taking her role in improving other people’s lives.

She is looking forward to her next journey with Hinrich Foundation, the NGO that believes sustainable global trade promotes peace, to be a new fulfilling experience.