Ha Ly Nguyen

Ha Ly Nguyen


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2014


Thanks to Hinrich Foundation’s global trade scholarship, I am currently a student in international journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Actually, my dream to study abroad had been long nurtured in my mind since I was at high school because I always aspire to learn more and discover more about the world, exploring and experiencing different cultures with its different unique customs and identity.

Through a long period of working hard and self-research together with a piece of luck, my dream came true and a new turning point in my life marked.

Upon graduation from college, I worked as Marketing Executive in a Trading & Import – Export JSC and as English Editor at Journal of Urbanism.

Prior to the journalism course in Hong Kong, I got the bachelor degree in Advertising from the Academy of Journalism and Communication in 2012.

During my undergraduate study, I, together with my classmates,joined the communication project named “Redraw the line”, which is aimed at calling for action in response to the Climate Change, organized by the Media Alliance (Singapore) in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), producing public social advertising clips to call for the public’s action in response to climate change.

After living in Hong Kong for six months, I find Hong Kong a mixture of Western and Asian cultures. I am impressed by its well-designed and convenient transport system that facilitates me to visit various tourism attractions here.More remarkably, Hong Kong’s democracy and free trade gives it a cutting edge and prosperity, compared to China and my hometown, Vietnam.

I really treasure my opportunity to study here and try to absorb as much knowledge as I can so that I will have a solid foundation to accomplish the mission of promoting global trade after graduation from Hong Kong.