Hai Chung Pham (Karen)

Hai Chung Pham (Karen)


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2008


Choosing a career path is a big decision, luckily I made a right one for me when pursuing a M.A course in International Journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University through Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarships. Being a Hinrich Foundation scholar grants enabled my dream career.

Hong Kong is a leading financial center, the gate of Asia toward the world and quite a good place for obtaining complementary backgrounds and skills for journalism. I found it convenient to get used to the living and study here as my teachers are so kind and helpful. Admittedly, my hometown does not have so many modern facilities.

It has been three years since I started to work as a consultant based in Hanoi for the Hinrich Foundation’s Developing Country Export Assistance Program (DCEAP) after graduation. I wasn’t covering exciting stories about crime and corruption, but rather I interviewed manufacturers and feature them in a series of Vietnam Sourcing Reports, and help them master the free marketing services offered by Global Sources online to reach global buyers. The Hinrich Foundation started the free program in 2008 with in-kind support of Global Sources to create more jobs and alleviate poverty.

The mid- and small-size companies have their own obstacles in promoting as well as approaching their relevant export markets. Before understanding and talking to them, I take a lot of time on research and preparation. It’s challenging sometimes, but so far I got to know a lot of suppliers as well as get an insight into the different industries of my country. Overall, one of the most rewarding moments of my work is receiving phone calls or emails from suppliers who say thanks because they got real orders. That means more people are getting jobs.

The Hinrich Foundation launched the DCEAP program in India, Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia. We work closely in a multicultural team where we voice our opinions openly to achieve common goals. Everyone is happy with the program results of creating more than 2,000 jobs in our countries.

I appreciate my choice and what I am doing with the support from Hinrich Foundation. I wish new scholars who are joining us will find their commitment and appreciation for the value they get from the study and a chance of doing good things in our communities.