Han Pham  

Han Pham


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2012


I started working as an Export Consultant in September 2009. This job had provided me chances to work with many suppliers in different industries such as furniture, garments, bags, footwear, ceramics & porcelain, basketware, and many more. It helped me to gain valuable knowledge about different aspects of trade, which was very helpful for my daily work as well as for my future career. I learned about how to interview people and write profiles of companies and people, which is very similar to a reporter’s work.

During my job, all team members were very supportive and helped me to improve myself a lot. Most of my skills I have now were developed and sharpened during my time with Hinrich Foundation.

My Scholarship

Later on, in April 2011, I received the scholarship from Hinrich Foundation to study Master degree on Business and Financial Journalism in Hong Kong. Then I realized that without my 2 year experiences with Hinrich Foundation, my study would be much more challenging. My job was related to journalistic work – including interviewing suppliers, writing company profiles, following-up, etc., and thanks to those, I did not find my study too difficult. I really enjoyed studying journalism because now, my work and my Master degree are very closely related and support each other well.

In just my first year in Hong Kong, I made friends with people from all places in the world such as France, Germany, Myanmar, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Laos. I got to know more about their cultures as well as shared with them about my job at Hinrich Foundation, the stories of Developing Country Export Assistance Program in Vietnam, what we do to help local suppliers and how we can help improve incomes and create jobs for local workers a result of fair and successful trade. They appreciated what I was doing, which inspired me to go on with Hinrich Foundation’s mission of promoting sustainable global trade.

My job

After completing my degree, I resumed my work at Hinrich Foundation in July 2012. I truly appreciate what Hinrich Foundation has given to me in particular and other Asian students in general. Their kind support has brought me new opportunities and I see that my future is bright.