Huang Yixia (Irene)

Huang Yixia (Irene)

Mainland China

Hong Kong Baptist University

BA in International Journalism

Class of 2010


Irene Huang during school visit to Thomson Reuters’ Hong Kong office. Irene now works for Global Sources in Shenzhen.

Before I entered Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2006, I came to learn from senior students about Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarships. But that was not in my plan until our instructor asked us to sign up for it two years later. The memory of the interview, which was conducted by program director Alex Boome and two professors from Hong Kong Baptist University, is still fresh. After the 1st round selection, around 20 students were selected to the interview at Global Sources’ Guangzhou office and I was the eighth to enter the conference room that day.

When I received a call from Alex two months later, I just instinctively felt that this would be the change, a change that similar to what I read in people’s stories. Yet I was not sure where it would lead me to. And now, after another two years, I have my own version to share.

There are numerous scholarship programs in the Mainland universities, but what the Hinrich Scholarships is unique – we transferred to Hong Kong Baptist University, which provides excellent journalism education and rich practical resources in the field; the stipend ensures us to study without financial pressure as well as to enjoy a colorful life in the city; the opportunity to help at the Global Source’s popular fairs twice a year in AsiaWorld-Expo equips us with on-site trade show knowledge; plus, the 8-week internship experience with Global Sources before the final year brings me further understanding of the company.

I enjoyed the journalism courses at lot at school. But I still remember the second major option that I filled in my college entrance will – Tourism & Convention Management. I am interested in exhibition operation and wondered what would be the perfect combination of this area and my journalism major.

And now here I am, as a team member of Global Sources Exhibition in Shenzhen office. Currently, my responsibilities include sales materials (for China Sourcing Fairs) production, internal and external event support and project coordination. It needs creative thinking, practiced copywriting and editing skills in making house ads. To better communicate with the artists of Production team, certain level of understanding in production software and photography is required. Also we should be able to work under pressure, especially during the show seasons. These are exactly what I had been trained during university and I feel great to have a chance to apply it to work.

I’m lucky to have started off my career in a cohesive team. In the past few months, we’ve been busy preparing for the shows in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Singapore and I keep learning from my excellent teammates. They are energetic, professional in rolling-out marketing campaigns, with fresh promotion ideas and are attention to detail. Working with them I wish to be a sponge, to soak up knowledge like it absorbs water.

Today I heard from Alex that Hinrich Foundation is expanding its scholarship program – what ood news! I believe the family of Hinrich Foundation will get bigger year by year. And we all will help pass on our mission: Promoting Global Sustainable Trade.