Khin myat (on the left)

Huang Huiying (Ivy)

Mainland China

Hong Kong Baptist University

BBA (Global and China Business)

Class of 2017

Current scholar

Previous university & major(s)

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies/ International Business & Business English

Awards & citations

Scholarship in 2015 at Hong Kong Baptist University, BBA (Global and China Business)

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My first thought when I learned I was awarded this scholarship

I was extremely happy to know that I was awarded this scholarship, for I value the opportunity of studying in a different environment and I cherish the work experience. I also felt a sense of satisfaction because I fulfilled my commitment for myself. I knew this program in Year 1, and I prepared for relevant materials like IELTS certificate and reference letters, which are needed to apply for the scholarship. I truly felt that hard work is worthy when I knew I was given the scholarship.

Why I’m interested in trade

I like psychology and communicating with people, which are frequently needed in trade. I regard trade as a medium for connecting people and improving their lives.

What this scholarship opportunity means to me

This scholarship means that I am given a chance to study in a new educational system, which is interesting and beneficial. I can also improve my personal skills by adapting to a new environment. Moreover, I am grateful that the scholarship gives me the opportunity to work in trade after graduation.

The international experiences I’m most looking forward to

I am looking forward to the chance of knowing different people and their different values, beliefs, and religions, because I respect differences and want to be more open-minded.

What I’ll bring to my dorm to remind me of home

I brought a family photo with me, because it can remind me of the happy moments with my dear parents.

My favorite hobbies and other interests

My favorite hobby is communicating with people and feeling the cultural differences, including languages and religions. Moreover, I like architecture and photographing.

My proudest achievement so far in life

Winning the scholarship for studying BBA at Hong Kong Baptist University, through which I fulfilled my commitment for myself.

The largest obstacle I’ve overcome so far in life is

My largest obstacle is to learn to be active and plan in advance, so that I can prepare better for the future opportunities.  Before I went to the university, I did not know how to learn in an active way. I failed to set objectives for myself, analyze the situations or make plans to achieve my goals. However, I realized that I could not make full use of time if I was not sure what I wanted to achieve. As a result, I tried to find out my real interest (trade and people), set my short-term and long-term goals and accumulated little by little every day.

My future goals and aspirations

I want to work in an innovative field, because I want to explore more possibilities in trade to expand current trade market. I believe that trade does improve people’s welfare, so we should work to further trade development. As trade market is not yet completed, and trade conditions can still be improved in some areas (currently like South-American and South-Asian countries), I want to better help people in the developing countries by promoting trade.

I also want to work in HRM area, for I think that it is interesting to dig out a person’s potentials, place them in the appropriate positions, and setting strategies to help them develop.

How I plan to give back and help others

Truly understanding their needs and learning better ways to respect their differences.

Personal statement

“On the great clock of time, there’s but one word–NOW.” – Shakespeare

Story about Ivy Huang Huiying

Ivy Huang Huiying is eager to work in the field of trade, because she enjoys communicating with people and embracing cultural differences. She finds it interesting to learn and grow in a new environment.

Keen in international business, she applied for the 2015 Hinrich Global Trade Scholarship to study Global and China Business in Hong Kong Baptist University.