Khin myat (on the left)

Khin Myat Zar Tun


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2012


Since I was in a middle school, I always wanted to know what quality education was like. I strongly longed for this because I was brought up in the poor education system of my home country, Myanmar. However, studying abroad costs a lot, which is why I had to get a scholarship to achieve my dream.

Fortunately, my dream came true when then Hinrich Foundation chose me as a scholarship recipient to get my masters in international journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University, which is famous for its education in South East Asia.

Life in Hong Kong Baptist University

In University, teachers focus on two-way communications: Teachers encourage students to participate in classroom discussion and presentation. Also, most classes are based on group projects, which cultivates the spirit of team work.

Moreover, the university holds monthly conferences with well know guest speakers like Jake Bernstein, Pulitzer winner. I never thought I would meet such a distinguished speaker. It is really beneficial for students like myself because we can learn about their life experiences.

Overall, through my university experience at HKBU, I now understand meaning of effective and quality education.

After University: Hinrich Foundaiton’s Developing Country Export Assistance Program in Myanmar

Aside from providing education and skill training to students from developing countries, Hinrich foundation has the Developing Country Export Assistance Program which provides jobs to the these countries.

The main objective of Hinrich Foundation is to create jobs by helping small and medium manufacturers get export orders through its complete aid package. If a company gets an export order, this company will hire more local people and improve their livelihood.

I have been participating in the program for Myanmar after my study and happy working for my people’s livelihood development.

To sum up, Hinrich foundation greatly impacted my education and now helps the to develop livelihoods for my people.

I am very thankful to Hinrich Foundation on behalf of my people and myself.