Kyu Kyu (April) 1

Kyu Kyu (April)


Chulalongkorn University

MA in International Development

Class of 2013


April attends Chulalongkorn University in Thailand for her MA in International Development Studies.

My life has changed since the day I was selected as Hinrich Foundation Scholar to attend Master of Art in International Development Studies (MAIDS Program) at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. The Hinrich Foundation gave me an opportunity to strengthen my capacity and academic knowledge which can help me overcome many barriers in my community-development-related activities back in Myanmar. Hinrich Foundation also provides a comprehensive support for their scholars. We do not need to worry about the finance and any other settlements but just focus on our study all the time.

Alex Boome, Program Director of The Hinrich Foundation, is a warm hearted man who really takes care of the scholars as a father. He shows his appreciation by actions and I cannot forget the day that he was sitting in the class and learning together with the students. Mai Nguyen also helps me a lot by giving suggestions and keeps in touch with me. I appreciate that Hinrich Foundation works hard and helps their students effectively.

Study at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok

Thailand is one the most interesting countries to study about the development process. They have many case studies and strategies from their own development. Chulalongkorn is one of the most resourceful Universities and there are many intellectual leaders from this university who are participating in the process of implementing their policies. The statement in Master of Art in International Development Studies (MAIDS) Program handbook: “Bangkok is the hub for international development in the heart of Southeast Asia” has persuaded me to apply for this program. I have chance to know more about the connection between the world system and the international relations that lead a country’s development.

Being as a MAIDS student I have opportunities to expand my network to many students from Cambodia, South Korea, Indonesia, Bhutan, UK, US, Canada, Holland and Thailand who come from a variety of different backgrounds. We exchange our experiences and opinions through group discussions and presentations under professors’ facilitation. The weekly assignments helps me a lot to review, reflect theories and have more ideas to adapt in my future work. We can improve our skills while working on term papers and our thesis at the same time. The internship in 2nd semester is another chance to implement our academic knowledge into practice. An international fieldtrip is also interesting and supportive in terms of expanding our knowledge and sharpen our skills. MAIDS program is an intensive program, which not only award you Master degree but also extend your skills within one year.

Hinrich Foundation gives me a chance to know the world and MAIDS program upgrades my skills for future work. I believe that the combination of my experiences and their support will support me in the future to make the world better.