Linh Tran

Linh Tran


Hong Kong Baptist University

MA in International Journalism

Class of 2014


I am Tran To Linh, a 24-year-old Vietnamese girl. I could never imagine how my life would change after receiving the scholarship from Hinrich Foundation to study M.A. in International Journalism.

My journey in Hong Kong started with a lingering love for Hanoi. Hanoi in my heart is special for its autumn with gentle breezes, leaves crunching under my feet every August. My life was a garden of roses.I am always passionate about Business and Languages. Since I was a little girl, I have imagined the person I would become, the career path I would build, and how my life would be. It was definitely a leisurely lifestyle as I did imagine.

I took my first big step into the outside world, away from my beloved family in September 1, 2013. Crying day after night was what I went through in the first several weeks in Hong Kong. It seems that the way to success is definitely a very rocky road.

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan modern city with a mixture of eastern and western culture. I would never know how my attitude of life could change till the day I was exposed to different active people. Hong Kong people rush to work, quicken their pace in MTR to catch a train, my friends rush to meet tight deadlines to have time to do other things.

“You need to force your body to do what you mind wants, not vice versa,” my friend said, “Working is just like walking a long way, it is tiring. When your body just wants to lie down, force it to stand up and go. The more you go, the more you know.”I keep recalling these words till the day I recognize: Yes! Mylife is destined by actions not fate.

I do not just learn from International Journalism program, but also from people around me. I start squeezing myself to meet different deadlines.I force myself to do everything quickly. I will finish the assigned work within the first day. If I am free, I think of what I can do more. I spend more time planning to shape my future, joining in different groups and be exposed to new interesting people.

I am, now, active and modern. I am, now, satisfied and happy.