Liu Jiehua(Eleven)

Liu Jiehua (Eleven)

Mainland China

Hong Kong Baptist University

BA in International Journalism

Class of 2011


How time flies!

I still remember how exciting I was when I got the Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship to study at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) in the summer of 2009. I was so lucky and dreaming of all the beautiful things! It was a truly amazing experience with many ups and downs. However, no matter how difficult times could be with exams and adjusting to a new city, when you work hard to fulfill your dreams, you realize there are lights in the end of the tunnel.

The Young Reporter

The thing I hated and loved most in HKBU was the same — being a reporter for The Young Reporter, a school magazine. Just like a real journalist, you needed to dig out news, interview people and write good stories before your deadline. I sometimes disliked it because it was never an easy job — describing something new and interesting to local people while it was still new to you. Also to get your job done, there was no other choice but to get into the life of local people, to know their tastes and to feel their anger, happiness and sorrow.

However, when you saw your stories published in the magazine, they were just like your babies! You would be so proud of yourself for being able to help the disadvantaged voice out their opinions and needs.

About diversity

Before I went to HKBU, I studied in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in the mainland. Many people have asked my about the difference of university life in Hong Kong and mainland China. For me, the biggest difference was that I lived in a more diverse environment and I had more choices at HKBU. I met teachers, classmates, interviewees and other people from different places of the world. That helped so much to broaden my horizons.

Another difference between Hong Kong and Mainland is the obvious gap between the rich and the poor. This constantly reminded me that I should give to society what I can. My efforts may not make a big change to society, but at least I should try to bring some happiness to people around me.

My career with Global Sources

After graduating, Hinrich Foundation is helping me again. With their help, I just started my career life with Global Sources! With just two months on board, I know this is a right place for me as I am learning a new industry while being able to support myself!

My daily job is related to print advertising and promotions for Global Sources Exhibitions. I need to make ads for external magazines and newspapers, create templates for venue decorations for exhibitions and create other promotional materials.

I love my job: It makes me patient, improves my communication skills and gives me accomplishments. My working life is very busy, but the working environment is comfortable. Colleagues are nice and help me a lot not only in daily work but also in my life.

About challenges

As I said before, I’m here for only two months and I knew there is a lot to learn. I think the most satisfying thing in my job is that our creation can be presented in real life. Of course, we need to consider all the aspects like promotional goals, the balance of photos and copy, the size and location of the ad. In all, it requires experience and creativity. I will take these challenges to improve myself and to give what I’ve learned.

Lastly, I want to give my gratitude to Hinrich Foundation and Global Sources for providing the chance to go study in Hong Kong and to work in Shenzhen. I hope more scholars can benefit from Hinrich Scholarships and fulfill their dreams!