Megan Thomas

Megan L.Thomas (汤睿彦)


Tsinghua University

MA in Global Business Journalism

Class of 2013


The morning I opened my email and learned I had received the first Hinrich Foundation Fellowship to attend Tsinghua University, I literally cried with joy. From the time I graduated high school, I had aspired to one day go to China and witness its breakneck-paced history-making evolution, but it had always seemed like a misty dream just out of reach. The Hinrich Foundation empowered me to achieve what at times appeared to be an impossible hope.

The Hinrich Foundation Fellowship represents to me the best of both America and China; a nonprofit springing from free enterprise offering the opportunity for a person to achieve her dreams through hard work, humility and determination so she may inform others through balanced reporting in the future.

There has not been a day that’s passed that I have not been grateful for the opportunity the Hinrich Foundation has given to me. The financial and logistical support I have been given has been a boon, yet the knowledge I have gained from living, working and studying at Tsinghua is an immeasurable gift that will continue to give for the rest of my life.

I have visited over eight cities throughout China, becoming close friends with Chinese from all walks of life. I’ve met professional journalists, economic experts and government officials from China and America. I’ve visited businesses and manufacturing plants both foreign and domestic. I’ve witnessed the impact of the Communist Party’s power transition first hand and seen China’s reaction to the American presidential election. I’ve also had the opportunity to intern at Global Sources. Through working with different aspects of suppliers and customers in the business to business company, I have come to better understand global supply chains and often-maligned Chinese manufacturers. My experiences here have allowed me to understand Chinese business and society as well as my own country’s in a more objective, fair way.

My time at Tsinghua has been the most memorable of my life. In my final semester, I hope to find a job and build a future in China utilizing the skills I’ve gained in my two years in Beijing. I hope to return the incredible award the Hinrich Foundation has given to me by doing my own part to spread accurate information to empower others and create mutual understanding and cooperation between China and America’s governments, businesses and people.