Pason Huang

Pason Huang


Hong Kong Baptist University

Bachelor of Business Administration

Class of 2012


Pason volunteering at the Hinrich Foundation’s Export Service Centre booth at the Global Sources China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was a dream city where I longed to pursue my bachelor’s degree. Fortunately, thanks to Hinrich Foundation’s Global Trade Scholarships, I was given the opportunity to study at a prestigious university, receive a summer internships and a 1 year job offer upon graduation at a international import/export sourcing company, Global Sources. Hinrich Scholarship is a one-of-a-kind dream accelerator to help you realize your dream faster!

Studies in Hong Kong Baptist University

“Hong Kong is a fascinating place. It is multicultural, international, and cosmopolitan. It is where east meets west and the traditional meets the modern.” That statement is written in the Hong Kong Baptist University handbook for oversea students. That is exactly what I feel about Hong Kong. Studying in such a fascinating place is quite fun since you can meet classmates and peers from a variety of backgrounds, and experience many things that are totally fresh to you. But since I had studied for 14 years in the mainland, adjusting to a brand new academic environment was a great challenge. Thanks to people from all walks of life that I met here, I was able to thrive in the new study system.

Internship at Global Sources

As an intern, I worked in the Visitor Marketing Department at Hong Kong office of Global Sources. My job responsibility included planning and executing marketing plans for all online and physical trade shows. I worked closely with the technical team in Singapore, Shenzhen and Shanghai to coordinate on website enhancement and maintenance on regular basis. This taught me invaluable communication skills that play a vital role in this multinational corporation.

I feel lucky that I can be a part of that team who gave me a very unforgettable and enjoyable experience. While I was taking internship, my colleagues taught me a lot even after work as they always treated me like family! I really enjoyed every moment working with them even when we had overtime together! In a word, I feel very grateful and lucky to receive the Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship which gave me a brighter future.