Rotha Chhoem

Rotha Chhoem


De La Salle University

Master of Business Administration

Class of 2013


“To be a successful scholar, I have to adhere with high commitment and good principles.”

First of all, I would like to express my great gratitude to Hinrich Foundation which always helps to offer fund, care, and advice to me not only advancing my education abroad but also improving my work experiences to develop myself.

In response to the enormous support, I am extremely committed to study and work harder to accomplish both my academic and career goals with ethics and dignity for the sake of humanity. In short, without having scholarship from Hinrich Foundation, I would not be able to see the world like I do now. Frankly, I have a pride of being a Cambodian scholar of the Hinrich Foundation because I could indicate that its substantial mission is absolutely aligned with my personal interest and current social development.

I was born and grew up in the refugee camp along Khmer-Thai border due to the civil war. During this time I never expected that I would have access to higher education because my family and I cared about only having sufficient food to eat and good shelter to stay for survival. Fortunately, under the supervision and support from UNHCR, I could understand two more languages: English and Thai. Later, my family and I were repatriated to Cambodia safely.

Asides full-time study at school, I allocated my time on taking part in internships with the Hinrich Foundation in summer 2011. This was my first great opportunity that exposed me to multi-national settings. Therefore, I needed to adjust and adapt myself properly including thoughts, behaviors, and communication skills to the new environment that I have never experienced before. Even though the internship duration is only one month, I perceived a comprehensive understanding of the organizational culture, individuals’ behavior, and other general regulations.

Significantly, I was warmly welcomed by both Hinrich Foundation and Global Sources teams. Since my personal characteristic is favorable and beneficial – friendly, open-minded, and patient – I could interact well with most of the team there. Moreover, I was additionally mentored and guided by human resource department and other relevant stakeholders so I felt that I was well equipped from the start with the right direction, clear role and responsibilities.

In conducting the internship, I was assigned to handle social media and public relation development and management. Meantime, I could actively help to develop, implement, and manage social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, and blog by working closely with scholars from Cambodia, China, Vietnam, and the US, as well as team members and consultants, and other stakeholders. In my opinions, it was the amazing experiences and privileged opportunity in my life that I really appreciate.

Life as a scholar

To become a successful scholar, I have to adhere with high commitment and good principles in study, work, and life. I find out that setting objective and goal is the priority for me. To accomplish this task, I need to devote the time, benefits, and resources aligned with the right plan that I have set. I am eager to learn and exposure to something new in my academic activities. More importantly, studying MBA program is not an easy thing for me. Learning at school is good; however, the best thing I need to be committed to have more self-study at home, at library or any other possible place. To be ready and good enough for the classes, I have to review the lessons and research additional relevant information in advance by reading the textbooks, researching online, discussing with classmates in accordance with the principle that I follow “Proactive is always better than reactive” as well as “Time is money”.

I feel delighted to catch up and learn many different new things from my courses that I have never encountered before. More excitedly, I have gained greater GPA 3.37 for the last term and it is indicated that I have achieved my academic plan as well.

In addition, all MBA graduate students are strongly required to understand about current situations and history of the Philippines. Most of lectures and subjects are practically related to business, trade, economics, politics, culture, tourisms, and legal in the Philippines and the world so that it is not so easy for me as a foreigner to relate to them. Hence, I have tried harder to find out more relevant information as inputs to support my academic activities.

Making friends is one of the strategies that I need to execute because we have more opportunities to learn, exchange, and share thoughts, perceptions, knowledge, and experiences to one another for the mutual benefits. Also, we adhere strong contributing to assist and support the study groups. Meantime, I recognized that I have improved a lot in critical thoughts and English language related to business concepts and practices.

Consequently, I feel so thankful and appreciated for Alex and the team who always provide guide, support, and care in all my activities so that it would assist to make me become more confident, courageous, and industrious. Also, I have learned a lot from his ideal leadership and good management for both work and life. Anyway, my family always advises me to firmly adapt with my manager’ performances with the success of his work and life. After my successful graduation, I would bring my solid knowledge and experiences to develop myself, the community, and the society. Once again, having support and concerns from Hinrich Foundation, I would be able to full-fill my dreams. I could assume that my success would be based on my high commitment, good principles, and actual integrity.