Roxanne Liu (China)

Hong Kong Baptist University 
Bachelor of Business Administration ’20

Roxanne Liu (China) 1

Stay hungry for success and strive for excellence as a global trade leader.

Thank you very much to the Hinrich Foundation for offering me the precious opportunity to study in Hong Kong. I know the Hinrich Foundation’s diverse programs related to Global Business, International Trade and scholar community will benefit my career journey.

Growing up in Guizhou, China, an area with rich cultural heritage, I was inspired to expand my perspective globally from an early age. I applied to this program because I want to be brave enough to pursue my own life and what I really want.

I would describe myself as optimistic, insistent and creative. I am optimistic when I face everyday challenges – a smile can be the best fight. I am insistent with my dreams because if I trust myself, I am not alone. I am creative because I find ways to solve problems and discover the business world from new angles.

Before I applied for a scholarship, I worked for Ouyumei International Trade Company in Guangzhou, China. This experience marked the beginning of my interest in global trade.  There, I assisted the manager of the foreign trade department to manage foreign trade orders and other related matters.

I now intend to be a product manager in the internet industry, and this degree is a step toward that goal. Digital trade is indeed a critical component of global trade! I look forward to researching and promoting sustainable global trade with passion through my education. In addition, I know that living in such an international city such as Hong Kong will expand my perspective and understanding on a global scale. With the help of Hinrich Foundation, I’ll be able to nurture my global leadership skills through direct business-related activities.

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Hong Kong Baptist University, Bachelor of Business Administration
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